Will There Be A ‘Ladies Of London’ Season 4? What Are The Ladies Up To Now?

Fans continue to be hopeful that Ladies of London Season 4 is still under consideration by Bravo. And several of the ladies, some of who have left London, at least for now, are still eager to be a part of Ladies of London Season 4. Marissa Hermer and her Welsh-born husband Matt are currently living in California, though they have kept their London home. Ladies of London‘s Caroline Stanbury and husband Cem have moved their family to Dubai, though they still make their way back to England often.

News from the Ladies of London has been hit or miss as they have all gone on with their lives and new projects, even though most of them say they are game for Ladies of London Season 4. Since we last saw the Ladies of London, and Caroline Fleming, in particular, Caroline’s father, Baron Niels Krabbe Iuel-Brockdorff of Denmark, was struggling with cancer. The Danish Baron has since passed, and Caroline was at his side, even though they had been estranged. Ladies of London star and Baroness Caroline Fleming wanted her fans to know she heard their messages.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your very kind and loving condolences through what has been excruciatingly painful days. We were by my father’s side to the very end, and his final journey was beautiful.”

Second post in a row that I'm wearing a dress! ????????????I just wanted to thank you all for the outpouring of love on my post yesterday about being 100% authentically real no matter what anyone tells you how you should be, look or act! ___ We will only find our real happiness when we are not ashamed of who we are and the unique gifts that only we can offer this world. ___ Want more insight into being authentic? Well, I'm going to be chatting LIVE tonite with the wonderful @rhitrition on her Facebook feed about being authentic, the importance of self-care and of course my obsession with yoga! And BONUS: We are doing it all at my home away from home @triyogauk (where I teach and practice yoga) 5:30pm GMT/12:30 EST/9:30 PST - head to @rhitrition to link in LIVE and ask me loads of questions in just a couple more hours! See you there! XxJulie #theflexifoodie #trulyjulie #chooseyou

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Former Ladies of London star American born Marissa Hermer who became a British citizen shortly before moving back to her native California with her family, including her husband, restaurateur Matt Hermer, has been out promoting her book, An American Girl In London. She says she stays in touch with a few of her Ladies of London co-stars including Julie Montagu, Sophie Stanbury, and Adela King, and according to Hermer, all of them are interested in a Ladies of London Season 4. Hermer says that her family has settled into life in Pacific Palisades nicely, and her kids are in California for the school year, but the family visits London during the summer.

Caroline Stanbury has also moved out of London to Dubai to be with her husband, and now her children are attending school in Dubai, but the rest of her family is still in London, so she is back and forth. Though she expected the adjustment to be difficult, Caroline is surprised that everything went smoothly.

“The move’s much easier than I thought, to be honest, because I never even lived in Dubai longer than a week’s holiday in the Four Seasons. So I had no idea really what I was entering. It’s been a ball. I like it so much more than I ever thought I would. Just waking up with sun makes a huge difference. The children are so happy here.”

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Caroline Fleming is using the down time while Ladies of London Season 4 is under consideration to focus on cooking and the publishing of her new cookbook. Caroline had previously published cookbooks in other European countries, but this is the first one in English. So perhaps the break between Season 3 of Ladies and London and a potential Ladies of London Season 4 is a good thing because things were volatile in the last season, especially for Caroline Fleming.

“This season was not an entirely pleasant experience. There was so much unkindness going on.”


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And while Julie Montagu would also consider doing Ladies of London Season 4, she has her hands full even more now than she did when actually filming Ladies of London. Julie, who is also Lady Montagu, is trying to help her husband make his family estate Mapperton financially viable. She is also known as the “Flexi Foodie” and teaches yoga classes and makes healthy snack food.

For now, she is also sharing her techniques for relaxation and mindfulness, including recipes for mindful tea drinking.

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Are you interested in Ladies of London Season 4? Whom would you like to see come back?

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