Royal Prank Nurse Hanged, Left Three Notes Says Coroner

Royal prank nurse Jacintha Saldanha, whose death by suicide prompted an outcry against the Australian radio station that tricked her into patching a caller impersonating British Royal Family members through to another staffer, was hanged — this among other details was revealed at a primary inquest into the woman’s death.

Saldanha’s suicide sparked rage across the web, as the mother-of-two was said to be driven to fatal despair by her worldwide exposure in connection with the hoax.

Now as the dust settles around the tragedy, investigators have learned more about the woman’s death and state of mind before she chose to take her own life in staff accommodation near the hospital.

After Saldanha was reported to have committed suicide, few details were leaked about the circumstances surrounding her death.

Soon her name as well as her connection to the prank were reported, and the New York Times has reported on some of the facts of the case after an inquest was held.

According to the paper, Saldanha left three suicide notes before hanging herself with a scarf, an inspector stated:

“Detective Chief Inspector James Harman told the preliminary inquest hearing at Westminster Coroner’s Court in central London on Thursday that Ms. Saldanha ‘was found by a colleague and a member of security staff. Sadly, she was found hanging.’ … There [were] also ‘injuries to her wrist,’ and three notes were found — two in her room and the third among her possessions. Details of the notes were not disclosed.”


Tragic Consequences Unfolded For Nurse Jacintha Saldanha After She Was Duped In A Prank Call By 2Day FM DJs Mel Greig And Michael Christian When They Called The Hospital That Kate, Duchess Of Cambridge Was Treated At

The Times continues:

“‘At this time there are no suspicious circumstances,’ Mr. Harman said, meaning the police did not suspect the involvement of other people. Ms. Saldanha had been found hanging by a scarf from a wardrobe in her room in the nurses’ quarters at the hospital, the coroner, Fiona Wilcox, was told.”

After Saldanha’s suicide following the royal prank, the hospital stated that rather than discipling the nurse, the entity was “supporting her during this difficult time.” The next inquiry regarding Saldanha’s death is set to take place on March 26.