Kanye West Reportedly Upset By Kim K Cocaine Claims: Will He Defend ‘KUWTK’ Star Over Drug Allegations?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have defied doubters of their marriage, keeping their relationship strong despite the ongoing recurrence of divorce rumors. Now, in the wake of claims that Kim allegedly used cocaine, Kanye reportedly is feeling upset. Will West step up to defend his Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star wife from those drug allegations?

The drug allegations that Kardashian is facing began with her July 10 Snapchat. Fans claimed to have detected two suspicious white lines on a black table in the background of one of her Snapchat videos, and that resulted in the Internet buzzing with allegations that Kim was allegedly doing cocaine, according to Hollywood Life, which revealed Kanye’s alleged reaction.

“Kanye West, 40, is prepared to do whatever it takes to defend his wife, Kim Kardashian, 36, from drug accusations!”

Kardashian typically does not respond to rumors. However, after Twitter called out Kim for allegedly doing cocaine based on the white lines on the black table sent in one of her Snapchat videos, Kardashian retorted by denying the drug allegations on July 11.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star even went beyond denying the cocaine claims. Kim headed to Snapchat to display up-close-and-personal proof that those supposedly suspicious lines on the table were from a white marble design, and attempted to make it clear to her Twitter followers that they were looking at an interior design accessory rather than an alleged sign of drugs.


However, that didn’t convince all of the doubters on the Internet, leaving Kardashian’s husband Kanye reportedly “furious” that “haters” continue to accuse Kim of alleged cocaine use, according to Hollywood Life‘s insider.

“Kanye is furious that people are accusing Kim of doing coke.”

The source believes that the individuals making those accusations are “just being haters,” insisting that it’s impossible for anyone to “really believe” that Kardashian would use drugs.

“She’s an angel and everyone knows it,” added the insider.

West reportedly is prepared to step up and protect Kim by letting those haters come after him instead of Kardashian, according to the source.

“If trolls want to come after Kanye, that’s fine — he knows he’s outrageous and people love to hate on him. He can deal with it.”

However, going after Kardashian is “bulls***,” added the insider.


West reportedly feels that Kim has always been there to support him, making him allegedly even more determined to defend his wife.

“Kim has always had his back, so he’s more than ready to defend her,” said the insider.

Kanye West reportedly is supporting Kim Kardashian over drug allegations.
Kanye West reportedly is supporting Kim Kardashian over drug allegations. [Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar]

As for Kardashian’s reaction to the cocaine allegations, the insider pointed out that the KUWTK star has been candid about rarely drinking or partying for years. As a result, she reportedly was “caught off guard by the drug accusations,” according to the source.

So will Kanye speak out publicly about his views on those cocaine allegations, or retweet Kardashian’s denial that the white lines on the table were from cocaine? So far, he’s been silent.

However, Spin noted that West recently deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Since creating his Instagram in September, Kanye had rarely used it before deleting it. West did earn headlines, however, when he shared multiple Margiela look-book images after his problematic San Jose and Sacramento shows.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly have each other's backs against haters.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly have each other's backs against haters. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for EDITION]

In the wake of West’s hospitalization, his Twitter also was primarily silent. He took time to tweet his support for Migos’s Culture and Big Sean’s I Decided before deleting it.

So while creating a new account on Twitter to defend his wife against those drug allegations might be motivation for Kanye to return to the social media platform, so far there are only West parody accounts in existence.

What do you think? Should Kanye West return to Twitter to defend Kim Kardashian against cocaine allegations? Post your views below.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 4]