‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Ramses Soto Could Be Eviction Target In ‘BB19’ House, Live HOH Endurance Competition

Big Brother 19 rumors suggest that Ramses Soto has become the preferred target of many cast members. The BB19 house may be ready to shift its eviction target, with plans already getting discussed for what happens next. It was an interesting night on the CBS live feeds, beginning with Raven Walton returning from getting stitches, Dominique Cooper hosting her talk show, and the primary alliance discussing who they want to become the Week 3 target for eviction.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Raven Walton fell down the stairs on Wednesday (July 12), injuring her foot to the point that she needed to go get stitches. Raven was out of the game at the same time Christmas Abbott was off getting surgery on her foot, leading to some very quiet moments in the BB19 house. That changed on Wednesday night when Dominique Cooper hosted her talk show again but angered Paul Abrahamian with the type of questions that she was asking. Paul and Dominique are definitely at odds now.

That all leads to the potential Big Brother 19 spoilers from late Wednesday and into early Thursday morning (July 13), as the primary group of houseguests began discussing who they want to be evicted next week. The group is set on sending Cody Nickson to a meeting with host Julie Chen following the Eviction Ceremony but hasn’t decided who they want to target next if they can win the Head of Household Competition. Two BB19 cast members are getting hotly discussed.

Paul Abrahamian and Alex Ow are keen on evicting Ramses Soto as soon as possible. Paul has turned his gaze away from Jessica Graf, who he had wanted the house to get rid of next week. Instead, Paul and Alex have started to fear Ramses remaining in the game, as he has become someone they simply cannot trust.

Raven Walton, Elena Davis, and Matt Clines want Jessica Graf to get nominated next. Mark Jansen has also indicated this in the past but wasn’t part of this particular conversation to respond to what Paul and Alex were proposing. They don’t like the way that Jessica has been treating the rest of the house. While Christmas Abbott was out of the BB19 house during these conversations, she has indicated a willingness to evict Jessica as well.

There are a lot of other houseguests who could throw a wrench in these plans, as Dominique Cooper, Jessica Graf, Kevin Schlehuber, Ramses Soto, and Josh Martinez will all be in the next HOH Competition. They could have a differing opinion on how things should go, especially since Cody Nickson and Paul Abrahamian have controlled the BB19 house for most of the first 21 days. How these Big Brother 19 rumors will play out is entirely dependent on the live July 13 HOH Endurance Competition and who becomes the new person in charge.

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