Abby Lee Miller Uses Will Ferrell’s ‘Get Hard’ Strategy To Prepare For Prison Bid

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Abby Lee Miller has begun serving her year and a day long sentence in prison for bankruptcy fraud. The Dance Moms star, however, wasted no time hiring help to make sure she was all ready to go and prepared to face the things that could possibly occur while she will be locked down.

Last year, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart starred in the comedy film Get Hard where Ferrell, like Miller, hired help from Hart to help prep him for a prison sentence ordered by the judge due to fraud.

There was not a detailed description of what Abby’s lessons entailed. However, the difference between Abby and Ferrell is that Miller’s situation is something that is taking place in real life and Will’s was just for comedy.

TMZ, who first reported the story, poked a little jab at Miller by shedding some humor between her jail sentence and Ferrell’s Get Hard.

“She can only hope to do as well as Kevin and Will’s movie did.”

Abby Miller began serving her prison sentence Wednesday, July 12 at the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville, CA.

After being accused of creating a secret bank account in 2012, Miller’s case was held off until the end of 2015 where she initially entered a plea of not guilty.

Less than a year later in 2016, she accepted a deal with the IRS investigators to serve the year and a day sentence.


Exactly a six years ago today, Miller’s show Dance Moms debuted on Lifetime. The show has been a huge success for Abby since it’s begun, despite the conflict that has occurred between her and the mothers of some of the participants.

Although she is known for her strict teaching techniques, Miller has helped some young girls on the show gain a career outside of Dance Moms. Maddie Ziegler first appeared on the show at just eight-years-old.

As a participant, she won numerous awards throughout her entire tenure. In 2014, she gained much more exposure for her dance performance in Sia’s music video “Chandelier.” The video earned her a Grammy nomination and she would then go on to perform in many more videos while also beginning an acting career.

However, the exposure she initially gained by being under Abby Miller on Dance Moms. Miller will be replaced by Cheryl Burke for Season 8 due to her prison sentence.


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