Eight-Year-Old Dies After Being Tortured By Her Uncle For 12 Hours Straight

An eight-year-old girl from Northern Spain has died after being tortured for 12 hours straight by her step-uncle. The girl named only as “Naiara” in the Spanish press was tortured for 12 hours by her step-uncle Iván Pardo Pena, before he realized that she was dying and called the emergency services for an ambulance. It was however too late for the girl, as she eventually passed away due to her injuries.

Eight-year-old Naiara was living with her step-grandmother and Iván, the brother of her mom’s boyfriend, in the town of Sabinanigo, Huesca when the incident took place. Iván allegedly tortured the little girl for 12 hours, from 3:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., before calling the ambulance to try and save the dying girl, the Sun reports. The suspect is currently in Police custody and has been charged with murder.

The Spanish press have reported that Iván apparently panicked when he realized that the girl was dying due to the injuries she had sustained, and he decided to call the emergency services. His attempt was however in vain as Naiara died the following day at the Miguel Servet Hospital in the town of Zaragoza, Aragon in Spain. Reports from the medics who attended to Naiara state that she had been beaten all over her body, including her head. The medics also claim that she had been tied up and forced to kneel on gravel for a prolonged period. She also had a broken arm.

When Iván called the emergency services, he is said to have claimed that Naiara had fallen down the stairs. But medics got suspicious of his claims after observing Naiara’s injuries and reported the alleged crime to the police. The Police talked to the locals as part of their preliminary investigation. The locals reported that there had been two other girls living with Iván and his mother and that they had been removed by social services. They also claimed that the suspect was fixated with Naiara and that he often beat her.

Girl tortured by uncle
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Naiara’s step-uncle Iván Pardo Pena is said to have later changed his story about her falling from the stairs and admitted to hitting her. Naiara had been living with his mother and her boyfriend in the town of Zaragoza. She was allegedly sent to Sabinanigo to live with her step-uncle and step-gran as a punishment for not doing well in school. Naiara’s biological father, Manuel Briones, lives in Chile.

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