Corinne Olympios ‘Very Happy’ To Return To ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Corinne Olympios recently confirmed her comeback on the popular reality show Bachelor in Paradise.

In a statement to E! News, the former contestant announced her appearance in the show’s reunion special slated to air this summer. The 25-year-old reality star also expressed her eagerness and excitement to return to the controversial show.

“I am very happy to be appearing on the Bachelor In Paradise Special.”

Corinne announced her return on Bachelor In Paradise on Wednesday, just days after DeMario Jackson revealed his willingness to take part in the reunion. In an interview with TMZ, Jackson confirmed that he will be returning to the Bachelor In Paradise and Bachelorette: Men Tell All.

When asked if his return to the show was a tough decision, DeMario did not directly said no but hinted that he is okay in doing so, as he sounded excited to see his fellow cast members.

He also highlighted that he wanted to thank them personally for all the assistance that they have shared, especially during the course of his sex scandal with Olympios.

It can be recalled that the production of Bachelor In Paradise Season 4 was put on hold due to sexual misconduct allegations between Corinne and DeMario. Reports revealed that the two contestants were allegedly having a sexual intercourse while on the set of the reality dating show.

The ugly act prompted the show runners to halt the filming of the fourth installment to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident.

Almost two weeks after the suspension of production, Warner Bros. announced that the investigation has come to an end and found no evidence of any misconduct. Both contestants also sought legal advice.

Corinne also initiated her own investigation with the help of her legal team, hoping that she could finally confirm what really transpired that night. Apparently, Olympios admitted that she does not remember almost everything that happened during that time, adding that she was too drunk.

Although their investigation was already done, Corinne did not disclose any details but noted that she is satisfied with the results. However, she is not happy with the reactions she earned from the public as she felt victimized by the wrong judgments of others.

Jackson, on the other hand, also felt bad on the accusations thrown at him, adding that he and his family were greatly affected by the scandal.

With their participation in the upcoming special confirmed, viewers of the popular reality show will surely keep an eye on the first meeting of Corinne and DeMario after the humiliating incident.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 will mark its two-night premiere on August 14 and 15 on ABC.

[Featured Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]