Serena Williams Gets Wimbledon FOMO With Baby Bump As To-Be Husband Alexis Ohanian Works To Get Time Off

Serena Williams had to miss out on this year’s Wimbledon because she is pregnant. While she managed to play, and win at the Australian Open earlier this year, she did not have a baby bump big enough to make it dangerous to play. The former world number one has shown on Instagram, from time to time, that she misses the matches. This time, she made it clear that she, one day, wants to take the crown again at the grass courts.

The 35-year-old tennis player made news this year when she announced that she is engaged to Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, quickly followed by her pregnancy update. She famously handed over a paper bag of multiple positive pregnancy tests to her future husband, who immediately started preparing for the arrival of the baby.

After winning her last title, Serena announced that she will be taking time off tennis until she gives birth. While there are no set dates for her return, the rumors are that the pregnancy has made her even more competitive. In the most recent story by Vanity Fair, she stated that her “story is not over yet,” showing that she will be back to win titles from Wimbledon, Australian Open and more!

“[She] loves being pregnant,” her friend Diondria Thornton said. “[But] I can also see competition creeping in on her. Is this over yet? I think she’s getting this itch… to see her intensity and her workout—’I have to stay fit. I have to get back on the court.’ Very determined to get back on the court.”

However, right now, it is wise for the tennis player to take things easy for the baby, coming this fall. To compensate for the fact that she is not playing at Wimbledon, Serena uploaded a picture of her, with a poster from her glory days on the grass court, for all her fans to remember.

Poster in background....

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The tennis star also has been putting her hours in on the court, to make sure that she stays on top of her game. Looks like no doctor’s advice can keep her away from what she loves to do.

@benstiller stiller Sorry, White. Average Joes for life! And that goes for both of us.

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Meanwhile, her to-be husband Alexis Ohanian is working overtime to make sure that he can be there for her when the baby arrives. He is traveling the country to speak about various issues concerning his company.

According to the Vanity Fair story, the couple plans to have their wedding after the baby arrives. And, according to Serena, she hopes to be back in training right around that time.

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