Carmelo Anthony Will Join Houston Rockets After Seven Frustrating Seasons In New York

Following his seven frustrating seasons with New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony will soon head to Houston to play for the Rockets and forming another super team. The New York Knicks and Houston Rockets are reported to be close to reaching the deal.

On Wednesday, March 12, ESPN reported that both teams were in a serious negotiation to arrange a four-team trade scenario involving the 6’8″ forward. Despite the deal’s complexity, Anthony’s arrival in Houston Rockets is imminent as he is eager to leave the Madison Square Garden.

Furthermore, the Knicks and Rockets are confident that they will finalize the deal soon. The successful trade will strengthen the Houston Rockets’ pursuit of building an NBA title contender. Last month, the Rockets acquired point guard Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers. With Anthony joining the team, the Houston Rockets will become a new super team in the West.

Last month, Harden approached Anthony when the two of them met in Paris. Harden persuaded him to join the Rockets with Paul. Subsequently, Anthony told the Knicks management that he was willing to waive his no-trade clause in order to join the Houston Rockets and reunite with coach D’Antoni.

D’Antoni was the head coach of New York Knicks when Anthony joined the team in 2011. Unfortunately, during his first season in New York, Anthony and coach D’Antoni had a serious disagreement that led to his resignation in March 2012.

Coach Mike D'Antoni and Carmelo Anthony during their tenure in the Knicks in 2011.
Coach Mike D'Antoni and Carmelo Anthony during their tenure in New York Knicks [Image by Chris Trotman/Getty Images]
James Harden and Chris Paul in 2016-17 regular season.
James Harden (L) and Chris Paul in one of the last 2016-17 regular season game. [Image by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]

In Houston, Anthony will also reunite with his former teammate in Denver, Nenê. Earlier this week, the Brazilian power forward stirred up controversy by posting a picture of Anthony wearing the Houston Rockets uniform in his Instagram post. In the caption, Nenê said that he could not wait to reunite with his Denver Nuggets’ teammate. Nenê later took down his Instagram post, but the public has been aware of the possibility for Anthony to join forces again with Nenê in Houston.

During their eight seasons in Denver, Nenê and Anthony showed a strong offensive play and the Rockets’ fans expect to see them repeating their play at the Toyota Center. Watch the amazing assist from Anthony to Nenê during their tenure in Denver below: