Nintendo Classic Edition Bootlegs Prominent, Mini-NES Knock-Offs Look Almost Like The Real Deal

The mini Nintendo Classic Edition was discontinued in April with 2.3 million units sold, so bootlegs of the mini-NES version are flooding the market to make up for the absentee but highly demanded console. Some of these bootleg systems are likely attempts at passing these products off as the real thing, so be on the lookout for the fakes as there are subtle differences in the appearance, according to ARS Technica.

There is one very similar console made in China, but they don’t mark them with the NES acronym, just “Entertainment System.”

An AliExpress user had a listing of the console up, but it has been removed from the site. Pictures still remain on NeoGAF which were acquired from an eBay listing. Also, Alibaba is yet another site that has been listing them. User Lupin the Third gave a comparison/contrast of each picture shown. For instance, the off-set Nintendo Entertainment System logo, grayer in color, and the controller has a rough looking Nintendo logo with obvious ridges around the buttons.

When you take the mini Nintendo Classic Edition to the TV, there are a few differences such as the game’s smaller font in its title, the space between icons are different, “Select” and “Start” fonts are also different, as well as the pixel fonts, and the placement of the left-to-right scrolling game menu are off-centered compared to the original.

All it takes is someone who is handy with Raspberry Pi technology and one can farm these fake mini NES Classic Editions rather easily.

Nintendo Classic Edition Bootleg Mini
[Image by Kim White/Nintendo of America via Getty Images]

Nintendo has always intended on making these classic editions a limited run and stuck to it, according to US Gamer. This created a high demand for the item, driving up eBay vendors’ prices sky high. Chances are, many feel it’s not worth paying an exorbitant amount for the remaining consoles.

It would behoove you to keep a close look out for those aforementioned discrepancies should you ever see a listing. Also, if the price comes close to that of the original $60, you may want to stop, examine, and think before making a purchase.


For those eBay listings in the United States, keep an eye out for a European box as it could contain a bootleg.

However, hardcore mini Nintendo Classic Edition fans may not even care if what they purchase is a bootleg or not as long as they get that nostalgic feeling of playing their classic games.

[Featured Image by David Greedy /Getty Images]