Pippa Middleton Ditches Husband James And Kate Middleton For Wimbledon, Dress Choices Get Warm Reception

Pippa Middleton just got married in a lavish wedding to James Matthews and went on an amazing honeymoon. But that doesn’t mean that she is missing this year’s Wimbledon — one of the top events to go to if you are a British socialite! She braved the onlookers at this year’s tournament even without her husband and her sister Kate Middleton, and made fashionable dress decisions that got her fans on her feet clapping.

So far at Wimbledon, the 33-year-old socialite has worn outfits that got the stamp of approval from the biggest fashion magazines. The dress that she wore most recently got noticed even more than the performances of that evening’s tennis players.

“Wearing a pair of Zanzan sunglasses on the sunny, balmy day, Middleton dressed for the event in a pale green dress by Tephi with shoulder cutouts,” reports Vanity Fair. “For those pining for a closet of Pippa-approved pieces, the cold shoulder dress currently retails for $496.”

Many critics noted the sheer green color of the dress, which is expected to be in trend this summer. Despite the blazing sun at Wimbledon, Pippa took the risk of a bad sunburn with this dress that showcased her style. Check it out in the picture below!


Another dress that got a warm reception in the tournament was her choice of pink lacy dress, which was a demure and classy take on a court-side outfit.

So far, her husband James Matthews has not been seen watching the matches with her. As a businessman, it is likely that he is swamped with all the work that he fell behind while on his multi-week honeymoon with Pippa. Also, her sister Kate Middleton, whom Pippa has attended many past Wimbledon matches with, has not been seen near the courts yet.

That does not mean that Pippa does not have people to accompany her. She has been seen with her younger brother James Middleton, who is also a tennis fanatic, and her mother Carole. To make this event strictly Middleton-only, James did not bring his long-time girlfriend Donna Air or her daughter Freya.

It’s likely that her husband will make his appearance sooner or later at the Wimbledon. Last year, around the time they got engaged, James Matthews appeared right by her side in the later matches in the tournament. Nothing like solidifying a relationship by sitting next to each other at Wimbledon!

[Featured Image by Star Max/AP Images]