‘Alaskan Bush People’ Is A Reality-Documentary Series, But Is It Fake Or Reality?

Alaskan Bush People is a hit reality-documentary on Discovery Channel. With a very large fan base, they have record ratings so far in their final season. There are so many questions regarding the health of family matriarch, Ami Brown, and for the rest of the family, with all the consequences a cancer diagnosis would mean for their future.

In the midst of it all, Alaskan Bush People has always fallen under scrutiny by many who believe the reality-documentary is fake. There have been so many stories, and rumors always swirl about, sometimes true and sometimes unconfirmed. Some say that Discovery Channel leased the property Browntown is on, and it is not owned by Billy and his family. Others say he never actually owned the Integrity, but rather had leased it and still owed a great deal of money. Of course, Discovery Channel and Alaskan Bush People haven’t weighed in on this or much else lately.

When you see the term “reality-documentary,” what does that really mean? According to TV Writers Vault, the term is used for a family, business, or unique people that can do a docu-style series. Those have the most loyal following, guaranteeing viewers each week. But what about the validity of what you see as the viewer? The word “reality” implies that when tuning in, viewers will see the real life of the cast. Not exactly true, however. While the show is basically non-scripted, it still has to have direction. You know for yourself that if a camera followed you around every day, there would be downtime and boring activities. If that is what Alaskan Bush People had to show, it never would have made it to Season 7.


Other shows that are classified as reality-documentary are Swamp People, Deadliest Catch, and Little People, Big World. As in all of those shows, the cast of Alaskan Bush People make decisions about their life and the camera crew follows them and records. The production may help the cast construct a story that will be of interest to the viewers, however.


Whether or not Alaskan Bush People is fake is up to each fan to decide for themselves. With the challenges that are playing out in Season 7 showing the Brown family facing late-stage cancer, that is all that really matters anyway – Ami’s health and the welfare of the family.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]