November 5, 2016
Bill O'Reilly Reveals 'Good News' On Kate's Law

Bill O'Reilly started off his show in a very happy mood Thursday evening. After telling the audience there was good news for what he authored as "Kate's Law," he reviewed the situation which allowed a felon illegal immigrant to murder an innocent young woman in San Francisco last year.

"I proposed Kate's law, which imposes mandatory sentences on illegal aliens convicted of aggravated felonies who defy deportation. Who would oppose that law? Apparently, Senator Harry Reid would, and we'll see about other senators next week," O'Reilly stated, before revealing that Kate's Law will finally be offered for a standalone vote in the Senate next week.

Bill explained that 60 votes out of 100 are needed to end debate on legislation so that the Senate can vote on it.

"I cannot believe any sitting senator would not support Kate's law," O'Reilly continued, right before telling his audience that he will tell who votes for it and who doesn't.

Mr. O'Reilly then indicated that next week, there will also be votes on legislation that would withhold some federal funds from sanctuary cities. The bill is sponsored by Senator Pat Toomey (R) of Pennsylvania, but O'Reilly thinks it will have a hard time going anywhere since he believes the Democrats depend on the illegal alien industry for votes.

Kate Steinle's Father
Kate Steinle's father spoke about the death of his daughter a couple days after it happened. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]Although Mr. O'Reilly has been trying to convince people for almost a year that Kate's Law would solve a lot of problems, not everybody agrees. Kevin Ring of The Federalist thinks that Kate's Law represents our worst policy-making instincts.
"Kate's Law is anything but prudent...Why should the new mandatory minimum be five years as opposed to two, eight, or fifteen years? No one can say. Do we really want to lock up even those who re-enter here illegally in an effort to flee religious persecution by ISIS, or to donate a kidney to a blood relative?"
Ring adds that the strangest aspect of the hurry to get Kate's Law passed is that it comes at a time when many principled conservatives are looking to modestly reform federal sentencing laws. Many commenters after the article think that Kate's Law really won't help the problem.

"This makes sure that the current law is enforced? Like all those DUI laws right, that are constantly being added to the books but aren't changing the DUI rates at all. Like all those anti-gun laws that are being pushed and in some cases are being added but aren't changing the rates of gun deaths at all," says Southern Air Pilot.

"If we are not enforcing existing laws, then what makes anyone think that they will enforce any new law? Before we try and fix what we think is broken, how about we enforce current law to see if it even works?" asks Cleetus.

Bill O'Reilly Immigration
Bill O'Reilly thinks illegal immigration will be a huge issue for the upcoming election. [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]At the end of the segment on Kate's Law, Bill O'Reilly notes that the British vote to leave the EU gave power to the illegal immigrant issue all around the world, including the United States. Do you think Bill O'Reilly is right when he says that protecting Americans from violent criminal aliens is going to be a huge issue in the upcoming election, or will it be looked over again like it usually has been? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]