Kendall Jenner Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker After He Sends Hostile Letters

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Thomas Hummel is the fan that has been issued a restraining order from Kendall Jenner on Wednesday. The legal action from Jenner takes place after Hummel repeatedly sent her hostile letters while also professing his love and infatuation with the 23-year-old model.

The judge has ordered Hummel to stay away from Kendall by at least 100 yards and have no type of communication with her as well.

Hummel apparently not just insulted Kendall in his hostile letters, but he also attacked her mother and current boyfriend A$AP Rocky, according to TMZ.

“He also accused Kris of paying A$AP Rocky — or as he puts it, ‘AHOLE Rockhead’ — to sleep with Kendall.”

The stalking from Thomas Hummel started at the beginning of this year and has already received warnings to keep away from Jenner immediately after.

This isn’t the first time Kendall has been in this situation. Less than a year ago, a guy by the name of Shavaughn McKenzie was ordered to stay away from Jenner for five years after stalking her by following her to her home in Hollywood Hills.

The news comes just shortly after Kendall enjoyed her vacation in Mykonos, Greece, with her friend Bella Hadid. While there, the two were spotted at the beach seemingly having a blast. They also brought some friends along to enjoy the fun as well.

Thomas Hummel get restrainging order from Kendall
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Kendall hasn’t been a stranger to being under attack lately. Just last month, Kendall and sister Kylie received major backlash from the media about their controversial “vintage” T-shirts that went on sale for $125.

A lot of the shirts featured images of hip-hop legends Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. One of the people who didn’t take it to well was the photographer of the images. Michael Miller has sued Kylie and Kendall for use of his work and could receive $150,000 per photo.


The mother of the Notorious B.I.G., Voletta Wallace, has also threatened to take legal action against the sisters for using her son’s images and making a profit from them without her permission.

Kendall then took to social media to apologize to those affected and offended by the distribution of the T-shirts, and said they are huge fans of the artists that were displayed on the shirts.

She also stated that they meant no disrespect to any of the artists and have discontinued distribution of the merchandise.

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