Thomas Gibson Film Starring Taylor Handley And Marcia Gay Harden: ‘In From The Night’

Thomas Gibson has a major role in the 2006 film In From The Night, starring Taylor Handley and Marcia Gay Harden. This Hallmark special has been described as both heartwarming and thought-provoking.

In From The Night was directed by Peter Levin and written by Susanna Styron and Bridget Terry. This inspiring drama has a runtime of 120 minutes.

In From The Night is about conflicting priorities. Marcia Gay Harden portrays Vicki Miller, an aspiring writer on the cusp of her big break. It is an exciting time in her life, but also a time of hard work ahead.

Thomas Gibson portrays Aiden Byrnes, a fellow writer and mentor who is helping her become established within the community of well-known published writers.

Thomas Gibson as Aiden Byrnes is gentle and supportive. Although neither of them knows the extent of it yet, Thomas Gibson’s character is about to become part of Vicki Miller’s extended support system.

Marcia Gay Harden as Vicki Miller lives alone. Her home is quiet and peaceful if a bit lonely, when suddenly there is someone at the door. Suddenly, Viki Miller’s life is turned upside down.

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In the film In From The Night, Vicki Miller’s nephew, 16-year-old Bobby, has run away and ends up on her doorstep. Beaten, abused and starving, the boy is seeking asylum from his abusers. The struggles that ensue in gaining custody and helping her nephew recover bring about tough choices between career and family according to IMDb.

Thomas Gibson, formerly of Criminal Minds, shines in his role of compassionate mentor, as Vicki’s world falls apart in one night, only to be reassembled in quite another way than she imagined before Bobby, portrayed by Taylor Handley, arrived.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds in Viva Rock Vegas

Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden plays a character dealing with hard choices. She eventually, gives up her big opportunity as a writer to do the right thing for her nephew according to Dove. Throughout her struggle, Vicki Miller learns more about herself than she would have ever known otherwise.

Thomas Gibson, Marcia Gay Harden, Taylor Hardley, Kate Nelligan, Regina Taylor, Mackenzie Astin, and Roxanne Hart star in this masterfully produced film. Kevin Kilner, Mageina Tovah, Nicholas Ballas, Cody McMains, and Miguel Perez round out the cast.

Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds


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Thomas Gibson has appeared in many films in his 30-year career, but In From The Night is a rare and little known classic.

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