WWE Superstar Paige Gives Her Side Of The Alberto Del Rio Airport Fight

Over the weekend, there was a huge ordeal that took place at an airport between former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio and his fiance Paige. Originally, it was a case of witnesses saying that Del Rio was abusing Paige, and then Paige said they were attacked by a bystander. However, after an audiotape was released that proved the two were, in fact, fighting, Paige has gone public on Twitter with what she claims really happened.

Original explanation of Alberto Del Rio and Paige fight

In her post on Twitter, Paige went back on her first story and attacked the woman who revealed the truth to the public. In her original explanation of what happened at the airport, Paige said that she had gotten bad news on a phone call and was crying. She said a woman tried to take her picture at this time, and when Alberto Del Rio tried to defend her, the woman threw a drink on him and the police were called on that woman.

Paige has now admitted that she lied about the woman and that the woman was innocent of attacking anyone. However, Paige was also belligerent towards the woman, calling her a “horrible, disgusting human being of a lady.”

Paige Gives Her Side Of The Story

In the new explanation, Paige said that she got the phone call that depressed her, and Alberto Del Rio tried to talk to her about it. Paige explained that the phone call was about her sick uncle who is “in a bad way.” That ties into a post that Paige made on Twitter two days ago about her Uncle Stanley.

WWE Superstar Paige Gives Her Side Of The Alberto Del Rio Airport Fight
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However, when Alberto Del Rio tried to talk to Paige about the situation, she got angry because she is “a little sensitive.” She said the two of them began arguing about something small and then she tried to leave but he wanted to stop her.

Paige said the two made comments to each other that were not nice, and that is when she threw the drink in his face — not the other woman at the airport.

WWE Superstar Paige Gives Her Side Of The Alberto Del Rio Airport Fight
[Image by WWE]

Paige said that Alberto Del Rio did not want her to reveal the true story about what happened because he did not want people to know that she was the one who made the aggressive move. Paige said the police were called, but she was the one held on battery — not Alberto.

She then went on to rip into the woman who made the audiotape and released it with the Paige and Alberto Del Rio airport fight, the reported talk about cocaine use, and Paige begging Alberto to let her go after ruining her life. By the end of the statement, Paige asked for privacy but said she knows it won’t happen.

The new Paige Twitter explanation comes immediately after GFW Impact Wrestling head Jeff Jarrett announced that Alberto Del Rio was suspended until the investigation into domestic abuse has been completed.

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