Happy Birthday Taylor Swift: ‘Red’ Singer Turns 23

Taylor Swift celebrated her 23rd birthday on Thursday. The Red singer was bombarded with birthday wishes from a multitude of friends and celebrities before the premiere of her “I Knew You Were Trouble” video on MTV.

Fellow musician Alex Clare jokingly had this to in his birthday wish to Swift:

“Maybe people will be nice to you in the future and you can write happy records about them.”

Fun’s Jack Antonoff noted that he considers Taylor Swift one of the hardest working people in show business. Passion Pit band members wished for the blonde singing star to have some good luck in her love life during her 23rd year.

Taylor Swift had this to say about the concept of her new “I Knew You Were Trouble” video:

“We knew we wanted it to be some sort of corruption. Good girl is living her life, going about her, you know, daily life and all of sudden she runs into this force. This guy is just like a force. She’ll do anything to fit into his world, including change everything about herself.”

Swift fans want to know if she will be celebrating her birthday with One Direction member Harry Styles, but the singer has stayed mum on her private plans. Styles is reportedly in London and Swift is allegedly spending time in both Nashville and New York. Since Taylor has a private jet at her disposal, it is entirely possible that the ocean separating the rumored new couple is not that big of an obstacle.

Cambio reports that “Haylor” is alive and well and that Styles is rumored to be considering buying Taylor Swift a ring for her birthday. The rumored ring will be of the traditional pretty sort and not a massive diamond indicating a walk down the aisle will be happening any time soon.