Facility Confirms Abby Lee Miller Has Surrendered To Start Her 366-Day Prison Sentence

Abby Lee Miller has officially surrendered herself to the FCI Victorville Facility to serve her time for bankruptcy fraud and for failing to declare several hundred thousand dollars as she re-entered the United States from Australia.

The Dance Moms star is maintaining her innocence when it comes to smuggling money across the border and has even stated that Melissa Gisoni, prize pupils’ Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler’s mother, is somehow in possession of this mystery $130,000.

The Victorville Facility reported that Abby Lee Miller checked in around 12:25 Pacific Standard Time.

Lifetime cameras were on hand to capture Abby Lee Miller’s surrender as far as they were allowed into the facility. It is uncertain whether the cameras are there for the eighth season of Dance Moms, or if they will simply be there for a special they are doing on Abby’s incarceration.

She will be serving 366 days, though it is entirely possible due to overcrowding that she will be released early if she shows signs of good behavior and cooperation.

The Dance Moms star wrote a final message on her Instagram, but thought better of it and deleted it.

“Today is going to be a tough day! Seems as though important facts were omitted from the case! Just wanted to let the world know – moms & girls all made money, Lots of money! Nobody was doing me a favor out of the kindness of their hearts!” she wrote.

The star was granted the right to serve near her home in Los Angeles, as she would like to continue working during her time in prison. Although she has not discussed having a job while serving her time the way most inmates do, she has stated that she would like to use her time to focus on upcoming projects.


Abby Lee Miller has been using her public image, as well as her Instagram, to indict people before being sent away. The Dance Moms star was caught on camera saying that she thinks a “cute blonde mother of two” has the $130,000 that is missing.

She has also taken to her Instagram to ask if people have photos of her dealing with money during a Q&A or masterclass abroad and to send all pictures of the moms handling currency to her email address.

It appears her last ditch effort for freedom, however, didn’t work, as she’s already made her way into the clink.

Her last published Instagram photo before she walked away was a photo of “Jenga Productions,” who have apparently swindled Abby Lee Miller out of several songs that they owe her. Before going to prison, she threatened them with legal action.


[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]