Chloe King: Man Masturbated On American Airlines Flight Next To Chloe As She Slept, Airline Wouldn’t Move Her

The article from Medium titled “We’ve Now Reached Creeping Altitude” is getting plenty of attention. Written by Chloe King, the piece from the social media expert describes how she was traveling on an international American Airlines flight to Paris when she fell asleep and a man allegedly began masturbating next to her, as reported by Heavy.

King writes that she had no idea that the man next to her had masturbated until Chloe awakened prior to landing in Paris. That’s when Chloe wrote that an American Airlines flight attendant summoned King to the back of the plane and told her that the man had been masturbating right beside her while she slept.

The American Airlines passenger who sat on the other side of the masturbating man noticed his behavior and asked the airline employees to move her away from him. While Chloe wrote that French police were notified and were prepared to arrest the masturbator when they landed in Paris, King wrote that she was upset about what she claims American Airlines didn’t do.

King wrote that the American Airlines employees did not wake Chloe immediately upon learning about the masturbating man and did not even allow King to sit in a different seat on the plane after informing her that he had masturbated next to her. King wrote that the American Airlines crew forced her to climb back over the masturbator to her window seat on the plane for the remainder of the flight.

“I’ll never know what exactly happened on that flight, but I do know I’ll never feel completely safe flying again. Add an American Airlines airplane to the long list of places where, as a woman, I will feel anxious and vulnerable.”

When Chloe landed in Paris, she said that she went directly to the American Airlines desk to tell them about the incident involving the masturbating man, but instead of receiving comfort, she got blank stares.

Next, King got in touch with the American Airlines legal team and waited weeks for a reply, writing that she only received a standard email from American Airlines about Chloe’s “disappointing service.”

Chloe encouraged women to not accept such disrespect from anyone, including American Airlines, a company that King charges with knowingly having a man who performed a criminal activity arrested, but didn’t do more on the plane to protect King while the masturbation happened.

King wrote that people should choose any other airline besides American Airlines, and said that they treated the masturbating man with more respect than they did Chloe.

With Chloe’s essay now going viral, American Airlines released a statement via Metro, which read as follows.

“American always strives to maintain a safe and comfortable travel experience for all of our customers. We are reviewing how we handled the situation on this flight, and have reached out directly to Ms. King. During the flight, our crew requested that French law enforcement meet the aircraft in Paris. Upon arrival, French officials interviewed the male passenger regarding the allegations.”

[Featured Image by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images]