‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Shifting Strategies As The Houseguests Realize Cody Lied And Kevin May Be Floating

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Big Brother 19 is an ever-changing game, as all super fans know. This season is no different. With Cody on the block and the target for eviction, he decides it is time to come clean on something. A lot of players enter the game not being quite honest about their professions or their age. This is not a new strategy, and one the viewers have seen repeated many times.

The following will contain spoilers for Big Brother 19. If you want to be surprised at what may make the show, now would be the time to stop reading.

Cody entered the Big Brother house saying he was 27 years old. Now that he is facing eviction, he decided to come clean and tell his housemates his true age is 32. After everything that happened in his week of HOH, this seems fairly trivial, right? Not in their eyes. Jessica explained to him that he is now seen as untrustworthy because what else could be lying about?

Of course, he is working on relationship mending with some of the key players as Thursday’s eviction draws closer. Cody is hoping for a Battle Back where he can win his chance to re-enter the game and continue to compete for the prize of $500,000. He has told Christmas that he wants to work with her and Paul to “steamroll” the other players in the Big Brother house. When Christmas asked him why she was nominated for eviction, he told her that Dominique and Mark both knew he was putting her on the block because she was close to Paul. Cody totally threw them under the bus.

As for Kevin, Joker’s Updates posts say that some of the Big Brother houseguests are starting to second guess his loyalty. Alex and some of her allies are beginning to think he is more of a floater than a team member. They are not comfortable sharing their strategy talks with him.

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Paul and Kevin are just as tight as always and seem to have each other’s back. Paul keeps telling his friend that they really do need a hinky vote during the live eviction on Thursday so that they can keep the other Big Brother houseguests wondering who the rat is. With Kevin already on the radar of some of the players, this may not be the best idea, however.

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