'Star Wars' Monopoly Rey Token Unavailable 'Due To Insufficient Interest'

Star Wars Monopoly fans are still waiting for the Rey token to appear in the Hasbro produced set and the piece has still yet to come with the board game. This was something that was promised by the company in January 2016. Now, 18-months later, that promise has been fulfilled, but just not to United States fans. Apparently, Hasbro's spokesperson, Julie Duffy, stated that the Rey game piece isn't available for the United States game set "due to insufficient interest."

This is quite baffling since Rey is the lead star and force-user in Star Wars: The Force Awakens obviously. The game originally was published with the Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Finn pieces. Later, the 2015 published game was updated with the Rey piece in early 2016. Duffy said it was made available to other markets around the world. When the AP (Associated Press) had asked her what markets or countries did get distribution of the set, she gave no answer.

This week, according to the Chicago Tribune, the comments coming from Hasbro differ from what was announced 18-months ago in January 2016. This had led to protest by those who desired the Rey character in the Star Wars Monopoly set. Hashtags of #WheresRey had abounded the Internet.

Carrie Goldman's daughter, Annie Rose of Evanston, Ill., posted a picture of a letter she had written to Hasbro inquiring about the Rey piece in 2016. At the time, she was 8-years-old, but now that she's 10-years-old and it's 18-months later, she and other Star Wars fans are still waiting.

The only way one can obtain the piece is to contact Hasbro's customer service center and specify you want it mailed to you.

Carrie, Annie's mother, had a different understanding of how they would receive the updated set and thought it would include the Rey piece without having to call it in. So now there seems to be a qualifier that if you're living in the United States, you can get the Rey piece, but not without another hoop to jump through.

The 18-month old letter written by Annie expounded upon the importance of Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens by stating "Without her THERE IS NO FORCE AWAKENS! It awakens in her!"

Star Wars Monopoly Board Game Rey
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She went on to describe how Daisy Ridley's character was key in defeating the enemy. On top of that, a British father ordered a Star Wars Monopoly box in April that also didn't have Rey in it. He tweeted his complaint online as well to "@HasbroNews," but didn't get a response.

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