‘RHONY’ Reunion Seating Chart Indicates Two Groups Of Allies Scrapping For A Fight

The Real Housewives of New York have started filming their reunion show and that means the seating chart is being revealed. There is importance to who sits where, and who sits next to Andy Cohen. This year’s RHONY reunion will pick up where the fights from the season left off, and those fights have been epic. Word is that the two couches which flank Andy have the two sides; at least that is the philosophy of Ramona Singer who did a large percentage of the mouthing off this season. This will be the first RHONY reunion for new girl Tinsley Mortimer, but everyone else has been there before.

And this year, it hasn’t been just the usual suspects mixing it up, as Dorinda got in quite a few shots of her own on more than one occasion. The RHONY conflict between Bethenny and Ramona ran throughout the season (and it sounds like it will explode in the reunion) and exploded at almost every gathering, but Dorinda and Sonja butted heads at Ramona’s dinner party in the Hamptons and at Bethenny’s lunch in the Bronx. At Ramona’s party, Candace Bushnell, the creator of Sex and the City, made the mistake of asking Dorinda how she was doing, and she gave the classic answer. “I’ll tell ya how I’m doing: Not well, b***h!”


With the just-released RHONY seating chart, it’s easy to see that Andy Cohen in the middle will play referee to Bethenny on his left and Ramona on his right. Ramona Singer claims that the seating chart lets fans know who is sympathizing with whom.

“I’ll give you a little secret. The people on one couch are allied, and the people on [the other] couch are allies. The people who…face each other are adversaries.”

What a difference a year can make, and while Bethenny and Carole have been tight for several seasons, there are a few people who are floaters. Last year Luann was having some serious conflict with both Sonja and Ramona, who had a lot of trouble getting over the fact that they all dated Luann’s now-husband Tom. But this year, Luann is with Sonja and Ramona on the same couch. Go figure. Ramona teased the seating, but the Bravo chart refutes some of her information.

“Probably this year, it’ll be me, Sonja [Morgan], and Dorinda [Medley] [on one couch]. The other couch will be Carole [Radziwill] and Bethenny [Frankel], which is kind of funny because last year Carole, Bethenny, and I were on the same couch. Maybe Luann [D’Agostino] would be on the same couch as Carole and Bethenny. It would be the four blondes against the three brunettes.”


Fans of RHONY know how most of the women deal with a Real Housewives reunion, but what about Tinsley? Most fans thought that she would toughen up as the season went on, but with her PTSD she seemed to be almost going in reverse as the season winded down. While it made sense that Tinsley would join RHONY to reinvent herself, was it too soon after the dramatic events that sent her back to New York from Palm Beach?


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If apartment hunting with her mother caused her to start crying, what will happen when the fur really starts flying at the RHONY reunion? When her mother was last in town, just having to make small decisions seemed to stress her out.

“I’m just starting… I honestly feel like I’m going to cry right now. No, I don’t know. It’s a lot right now. It’s just a lot.”

Are RHONY fans going to have to watch Tinsley melt down again? Let’s hope not. Bethenny was right, Tinsley should take her time, but maybe RHONY isn’t the place to recover.

What are your thoughts about the RHONY reunion and the seating chart?

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