‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Says Netflix Wants To Make More Episodes

Is Gilmore Girls ever going to come back for more episodes on Netflix? Fans have been begging for another season of the revival ever since A Year in the Life began streaming last year. As many fans know, the revival, which consisted of four 90-minute episodes, left fans with a huge cliffhanger, and now they’re demanding answers.

According to Pop Culture, one Gilmore Girls star is speaking out about the possibility of filming more episodes. Sean Gunn, who plays fan-favorite character of Kirk Gleason on the show, says that Netflix most definitely wants to return to Stars Hollow, but there are currently no plans to continue the series on the streaming site.

Gunn claims that there are no plans in place to return to Gilmore Girls at the moment, and it may be difficult to get the entire cast back together even if they wanted to return. The actor reveals that the whole cast, as well as the creator of the show, are “very busy” with other projects, so if another revival were to happen, it might not be for awhile.

Of course, fans want more Gilmore Girls now, but they are willing to wait if that means they would get a resolution to that huge cliffhanger. As many viewers know, the revival, titled A Year in the Life, ended after Luke and Lorelei finally tied the knot. After the intimate ceremony, Rory and her mother were spending a quiet moment alone when Rory looked at her mom and uttered the words, “I’m pregnant.”

Gilmore Girls returning to Netflix for more?
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Fans immediately began to speculate about who the father of Rory’s baby could be, and there are a few possibilities. The most obvious person to be the baby daddy is Rory’s ex-boyfriend Logan, whom she had been carrying on a secret affair with throughout the entire revival. The two are like best friends, and the situation is very reminiscent of Lorelei and Christopher. The other candidates to be the father include Jess, Rory’s ex-boyfriend Paul, and a man she had a one-night stand with during a comic book convention.


What are your thoughts on the latest update about Netflix wanting to bring back Gilmore Girls for more episodes?

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