‘Destiny 2’ Sentinel Turns Bubble Bros Into Versatile Class With Two Super Abilities

Titan Defenders were unique among the Destiny 1 sub-classes as their super ability was largely stationary, yet still necessary for group encounters in the game. Bungie is replacing Defenders with the Sentinel in Destiny 2, but that doesn’t mean an end to “Bubble Bros” as the new sub-class may be the most versatile yet for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC online shooter.

New details of the Sentinel were shared by Bungie via IGN First, but they are still far from complete. The new Destiny 2 sub-class will sport two different super abilities. Tapping both bumper buttons on the controller will activate the Captain America-like super that comes with a multi-function shield. Players will be able to shoulder charge enemies, throw the shield and watch it bounce off walls and foes, or hold it up for protection against incoming fire.

The twist for the Sentinel comes when holding both bumper buttons down. This brings back the Ward of Dawn bubble from the Destiny 1 days. However, there are some changes for the sequel. The bubble will take damage now, and that damage will be visible. It will show cracks, and the void particles around it will become excited as it breaks down until it dissipates completely.

The Ward of Dawn bubble will still be on a timer, but Bungie is more interested in communicating the health of the bubble to the player rather than its duration, according to Senior Effects Artist David Samuel.

[Image by Bungie / Activision]

The IGN video does confirm the “Armor of Light” modifier for the Ward of Dawn will return. It’s not confirmed if the other two modifiers, “Blessing of Light” and “Weapons of Light,” will return as well. As previously covered, Bungie is simplifying how players choose sub-class perks for Destiny 2 and grouping some perks together, including those that affect super abilities. Only two groups of perks were shown at the Destiny 2 reveal event and E3.

The changes do make the Sentinel an incredibly versatile class in Destiny 2. The super ability can be used offensively, defensively, and to support other players. This is in addition to the Titan class-specific ability to erect a small wall that is either waist high or full height.

A Titan erects a barricade in Destiny 2.
[Image by Bungie / Activision]

Destiny 2 fans will have the opportunity to test the Sentinel out for themselves next week when the beta goes live for PlayStation 4 pre-orders on July 18, followed by the Xbox One pre-orders on July 19. The open beta for both consoles will kick off on July 21 and run until at 12 a.m. ET on July 24 (9 p.m. PT, July 23).

A PC beta is planned as well. Exact dates and times have not been nailed down yet, but it is expected to become available this August.

The beta will feature the “Homecoming” opening mission along with the “Inverted Spire” strike for PVE activities. PVP will feature Control, plus the brand-new Countdown game type. Destiny 2 beta players will also have access to the sub-classes, including the Dawnblade Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter, and Sentinel Titan. Bungie will also have a brief one-hour preview of The Farm social space on Sunday, July 23 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.

[Featured Image by Bungie]