Conor McGregor To Floyd Mayweather: ‘Dance For Me Boy!’ Earns McGregor Backlash, ‘Donkey Of The Day’ [Video]

Conor McGregor wore a pinstripe suit that read “F*** You” all up and down the suit on Tuesday, July 11, that made quite a splash at the press conference with Floyd Mayweather, Jr., as reported by the Inquisitr. However, there are four specific words that were uttered by McGregor to Mayweather that are the source of controversy, and they continue to reverberate one day later. As Floyd punched and jabbed the air and hopped around in front of McGregor in the Los Angeles Staples Center, Conor sat back and told Mayweather to dance for him. It was a phrase that was rife with all sorts of racial implications, especially because McGregor included the word “boy” at the end of his request for Floyd to dance for McGregor.

McGregor to Mayweather: “Dance for me, Boy!”

As seen in the following video, Conor perhaps caught himself, with the Irishman perchance realizing the loaded racist history of using a word like “boy” to describe a grown black man. So when McGregor repeated himself, he changed the “boy” to “sir” or “son,” but the fallout continues.

McGregor to Mayweather: “Dance for me, Son!”

As seen in the below video description of the event from TMZ, the use of the word “boy” by Conor, in conjunction with commanding the African-American Floyd to dance for him, isn’t sitting well with everyone.

“Conor McGregor said BOTH of those things to Floyd Mayweather at the big fight news conference in L.A. and people are p****d.”

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As reported by the New York Post, the fact that Conor would call Floyd a “boy” caused Mayweather to stop shadowboxing and turn toward McGregor. Such verbiage earned Conor the “Donkey of the Day” award from The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM, which came with a lesson in history about “boy” being used in the past as a racially-charged, derogatory word that has sought to lessen the power of black men.

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It is the reason why African-American men often held signs that read “I Am a Man” during civil rights marches.

Floyd Mayweather, Sr. Saw Nothing Racial About Conor McGregor’s “Dance For Me, Boy” Comment

Dana White may have had to break up any melee between Floyd and Conor, but Floyd Mayweather Sr. said he didn’t see anything racial about Conor’s “boy” comment. Other folks online beg to differ.

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