Did Mackenzie And Maddie Ziegler’s Mom Steal $130,000? Watch Abby’s Shocking Interview

Abby Lee Miller, the disgraced Dance Moms alum, will be making her way to prison at FCI Victorville today for bankruptcy fraud and failing to declare monetary assets as she crossed the border into the United States–but she isn’t going down without a fight. The former reality TV star was recently interviewed on the streets of Los Angeles as she left a restaurant with her friends, and told waiting paparazzi that “a cute blonde and mother of two” is the one who has the missing $130,000.

The Dance Moms star has recently stated during a Wendy Williams interview that she doesn’t know where the money is, and that one of the mothers likely has it. And during her on-the-street off-the-cuff interview, she told awaiting paparazzi that the person who has the money is Melissa Gisoni, Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler’s mother.

Although Abby didn’t name Melissa, she alluded to it in a way that most fans of Dance Moms would recognize. She referred to her as the “cute, blonde mother of two.” The money in question happened when Abby took her troupe to Australia, and the only blonde with two children who went on the the trip happens to be Melissa, Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler’s mom.


Maddie Ziegler has confirmed that she and Abby have not spoken since she was sentenced, and when asked if she wanted to comment on her, Maddie eschewed the opportunity.

The pair has been seen at multiple events together, but it seems they have been successful at avoiding a run-in. This indictment of Maddie Ziegler’s mother may be part of the reason why they have decided to stop speaking.

Some fans have suspected that Melissa, Maddie Ziegler’s mother, was in on Abby Lee Miller’s scheme in some way as she did volunteer to help do record keeping for the dance teacher for a while. However, it is likely the mothers of the girls would have already been interviewed by the police and found to be in the clear.

Abby Lee Miller recently posted on Instagram asking for those who had been at the foreign Q&As to show photo evidence of her never handling the money that was taken from the sales of t-shirts and other items.

Regardless, the star will still check into prison today, Lifetime cameras in tow.

See Abby’s interview where she indicts Melissa below:


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