Trump Tweets About Fake News, Twitter Responds With Putin Memes, Says President Is AWOL This Week

The war between President Trump and the mainstream media continued on Wednesday morning. President Trump took to his Twitter account to praise his son, Donald Trump Jr.’s recent appearance on Fox News while also getting a dig in at outlets he called fake news. Trump warned the country to remember that when a journalist or news outlet quotes an anonymous source, it is often fake news. CNN responded to the claim on the early morning show, New Day, and Twitter responded by sharing Putin memes. Additionally, many people stated that President Trump has been “AWOL” this week since his schedule had been cleared, as reported by Shareblue.

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has been the subject of intense media scrutiny as it has been revealed he took a meeting with a Russian lawyer where he was offered information regarding Hillary Clinton. The meeting took place when Trump was running for office, and many news outlets are covering the story. President Trump referred to media coverage about possible Russian interference as a witch hunt, as CNN reported.

President Trump’s tweet regarding anonymous sources has sparked much controversy online. You may see the tweet as it is posted below. Comments on the tweet include remarks by both Trump’s supporters and critics. Some were quick to call CNN a fake news outlet, and one remark includes a poll regarding the trustworthiness of CNN. Many of those who support Trump left negative remarks about CNN’s coverage of the White House. You may see a video interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway as posted by the Inquisitr earlier this week. The interview also sparked debate across social media networks.

Other people defended CNN, as well as freedom of the press, saying that no president should attack a free press. The debate continued on Donald Trump’s Twitter account with people going back and forth between the differences between freedom of the press and fake news. Then the Putin memes began.

Donald Trumps’ tweet was inundated with comments and remarks that included photoshopped pictures of him and Putin. One picture taken from Trump’s inauguration had photoshopped Putin’s head on Melania Trump’s body as if President Putin was the First Lady. Other photos showed Presidents Trump and Putin cuddling in bed together, as well as in jail.

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[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]