Masseuse Says She Bit Kanye’s Butt During ‘Bite Massage’ – Dr. Dot Also Massaged 16-Year-Old Justin Timberlake

Dr. Dot says in the attached video that Katy Perry was gorgeous when she first saw Katy, with Perry strutting around naked in her dressing room. The famous “bite massager” to the stars also knew Justin Timberlake would be a star when she first massaged him when he was only 16 years of age. The biting masseuse of celebrities said that she has also massaged Kanye West during one of her famous massages, even working on Kanye’s butt.

“I even did his glutes.”

Dr. Dot’s trademarked biting massage technique began when she was only a 5-year-old after her mother discovered the little girl’s hands weren’t strong enough to massage the woman, so she encouraged her daughter to bite her instead, to get a stronger massage from her teeth and jaws. Now all these years later, Dr. Dot is being profiled in videos like the new one below, from Entertainment Tonight. Not only have stars like Perry tried the bite massage, but Eva Longoria and Heidi Klum have also been game to get bitten in the massage session, as demonstrated in the video.

Mariah Carey even tried out the New Jersey-based Dr. Dot’s biting massage, which is $150 per hour. Although Dr. Dot wore a shirt with on the front, she says she never advertised her services, and that people heard about her through word of mouth, no pun intended.

However, Mariah’s massage didn’t go as smoothly as planned. Dr. Dot said she had to wait forever in a room and was told she could eat whatever she wanted. But it turns out that Dr. Dot said she accidentally ate Mariah’s favorite chocolates and Carey “flipped out” on her.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Dr. Dot is Dorothy “Dotty” Stein, and her bite massage has gained fame for reportedly “tenderizing muscles.”

According to Jenn of Entertainment Tonight, who can be seen with a red back in the massage-biting video above, the bite massage hurt at first but felt good after a little while. Dr. Dot claims that the biting massage stimulates blood flow.

Dr. Dot
Justin Timberlake in 2000 [Image by Brenda Chase/Getty Images]

On the Dr. Dot website, it allows users to search for massage therapists in their own areas. For those assuming that the bite massage is something kinky that can lead to a sordid massage, Dr. Dot’s website has the following message about requests for massages that end up with a happiness request.

“Your request will be instantly forwarded to Dr. Dot’s Blackberry. Any requests for ‘Happy Endings’ will only lead to a very ‘Unhappy ENDING!'”

bite massage
Katy Perry [Image by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images]

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