Abby Lee Miller Reports To Prison: What Will Disgraced ‘Dance Moms’ Star Eat In The Clink?

Abby Lee Miller will report to prison today, and TMZ has learned, of all things, what kind of food she’ll be eating there.

Miller is headed to FCI Victorville, a prison in California with a medium-security section for males and a minimum-security section for females. Victorville is a federal prison, and as it turns out, anyone can see the menu — it’s published on the Bureau of Prisons website, not much unlike how your child’s school publishes the lunch menu on its own website.

And some of the food doesn’t sound particularly unappetizing. For breakfast, there’s grits, fruit, and whole wheat bread with jelly. For lunch, she can enjoy burgers and a potato — her choice of fries or baked. For dinner, there are soups — “Old Fashn [sic] Bean Soup” for example — as well as salads, wraps, and more traditional entrees such as spaghetti and meatballs.

Doesn’t sound too awfully bad, does it?

It actually isn’t too awfully bad, depending on whom you ask. At least, in federal prison; your experience in a state correctional facility could be vastly different (more on that in a few paragraphs). Anyway, a man who chooses not to identify himself did a few months at a federal prison camp in Atlanta. Writing on his blog, Federal Prison Life, the insider describes the food as “pretty OK.”

“I can affirm that the food there was not too bad. It definitely lacked the spices and flavors of food from home, but it was decent.”

Will ABby Lee Miller be eating good food in prison?
Food in federal prison is described as "pretty decent." [Image by David Goldman/AP]

Abby Lee Miller should thank her lucky stars that she’s going to federal prison and not state prison when it comes to food. At the state level, things can get kind of hairy.

As Vice reported in 2016, cash-strapped states have been outsourcing their prison food services to outside corporations such as Aramark. Those corporations, always eager to cut costs, have been accused of serving substandard food. In Michigan, for example, a class-action lawsuit alleged that Aramark served maggot-infested food in prisons and jails in the Wolverine State.

Further, prisoners who want to spend some money on commissary goods — such as candy and snacks — will find that the food service corporation charges twice as much as retail price.

Abby Lee definitely lucked out, food-wise, when it comes to where she’ll do her prison time.

[Featured Image by Keith Srakocic/AP Images]