Obama Dropped ‘F-Bomb,’ Found ‘Manhood’ Quip Hysterical In Tales From Speechwriter?

Obama’s former White House speechwriter has penned a memoir, and it offers a behind-the-scenes look at the White House during the years that Obama was president. The book is called Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years, and while it is not due out until September, it is already creating a buzz.

Speechwriter-turned-author David Litt has offered up a description of the White House culture with Obama at the helm. At 24, Litt landed this job as one of the youngest White House speechwriters in history when he was fresh out of Yale University.

The Free Beacon suggests that Litt’s description of the antics within the White House might be characterized as “fratty.” Litt describes the Obama team of speechwriters, of which he was part of, in his new book. He explains how the “all-male, all-white, all-under-40 speech writing team drank, smoked, called each other ‘bro,’ and followed along with college basketball mostly to please Obama.”

The speechwriters who made up Obama’s team also told “d**k jokes” and used their positions in the White House to bed down women. Litt’s specialty was comedy writing, and he was the guy who penned Obama’s comedy quips in many of the former president’s speeches. The Daily Mail also suggests that Obama’s West Wing sounded like a frat house after getting a look at Litt’s thoughts from his book.


Obama had a sense of humor, one joke, in particular, was about Obama’s “manhood” that Obama found rather hysterical. This was included in his final speech for 2011. It was a “racially loaded joke” as well as one about his masculine body parts, and while Obam laughed hysterically when reading the draft, it was scraped from the speech at the event.

Obama used the F-bomb while going through a dress rehearsal of a speech. He had the speechwriters standing alongside him, coaxing him through his joke presentation at the mic before anyone arrived. When he was asked if he wanted to go over the speech again, he said he was fine.

He followed that with, “The truth is, I’m pretty f**king good at this.”

That was Obama’s answer.


Litt jokes about what life was like for the speechwriters who were so much like a band of brothers that they called each other “bro.” He talked about the application process to get his job as a White House speechwriter and how he needed to calculate the number of times he smoked pot on the back of an envelope to put that number on the application. He remained honest and listed 30 times for smoking pot and one incident of using mushrooms. He got the job despite believing drug use would have been an automatic disqualification.

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