Liam Hemsworth Fight: The Actor Reportedly Got Into A Brawl In Philly

Liam Hemsworth reportedly punched another man very had in the face during a street fight during the early morning hours on Sunday in Philly. TMZ published exclusive video of the altercation between Miley Cyrus’ fiancé and the man encountered on the city street.

In the Hemsworth fight video clip the man being punched is shown down on the sidewalk. Liam had allegedly just left a bar when he confronted the man who had supposedly thrown a rock and him and his friend. The actor was in town shooting scenes for Paranoia, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

In the video the man on the ground appears to be hit in the face by Liam Hemsworth as the actor pushes the man’s head down toward the concrete. The man with Miley Cyrus’ fiancé is also shown allegedly helping hold the man down on the ground.

Philadelphia police officer quickly arrived on the scene and dispersed the crowd. No arrests were shown on the video of the alleged Liam Hemsworth fight. According to TMZ, the actor and his pal left the scene. The victim appeared disoriented after the brawl. In a voice best described as drunkenly slurred the man helped up from the ground had this to say:

“I don’t think [Liam] fared much better.”

The man in the fight video with Hemsworth and his friend reportedly not yet been tracked down by the media to offer further comment. So far, no complaint or charges relating to the fight have been filed. A source claiming to be a witness maintains that no one in the crowd on the sidewalk outside the bar saw a rock get thrown at the man who will soon tie the knot with Miley Cyrus. No comment about the fight has been voiced from Liam’s camp.

Liam Hemsworth Unleashes Beatdown in Street Brawl
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