Joker And Harley Quinn Cosplay Swinging Couple Shot By Police At Australian Club

Australian Joker and Harley Quinn cosplay costuming club patrons had an unfortunate encounter with local police, who had opened fire on them. It was believed that the two were in the course of intercourse, publicly demonstrating their eroticism in front of the Inflation night club patrons when the raid occurred, according to The Age. It was reported that 40 police personnel entered the building.

The man dressed as the Joker, named Dale Ewins, had a gunshot wound to the chest. His companion, Zita Sukys, who was dressed as Harley Quinn, suffered a leg injury. It was reported that he aimed a gun at police and was shot. The woman only suffered a leg wound and was taken to the hospital. Her Joker companion was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, but he was in critical condition.

When asked why the woman was shot, it was explained by Superintendent Lisa Hardeman that the female victim was in close proximity to the gunfire.

Club security said the gun was a fake, and the patron wasn't handling it at the time.

The events that led up to the 40 police officers making an appearance at the club involved numerous bystanders claiming one of the patrons had a gun, according to The Coffs Coast Advocate. As a result, it was called in. Club owner Martha Tsamis mentioned that security at the venue did not report anything suspicious, so it was unknown who took action at the time to inform the police. Security then later verified it was a plastic gun and made that known to the police.

Joker Harley Quinn Cosplay Shot
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It was a themed Saints & Sinners event which had been going on for 20 years. The requirement for entry, which includes both outfits and accessories, was verified by security. This explains security's verification of costume accessories at the door.

This particular event was touted as "'Australia's raunchiest party' for 'broadminded adults,'" according to The Age.

Club owner Martha Tsamis​ said they had gone on without an incident for 20 years, but she did have run-ins with the police in the past. There was reported CCTV security footage of the incident, and police have acquired the data.

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Investigations will be under way by the Professional Standards Command, which is typical of such an incident, and it is thought that this could escalate the strain between the club and police.

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