‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Carlivati’s Script Tease Hints Justin-Adrienne-Lucas Love Triangle

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal more secrets are going to be out in the open soon. Anjelica’s (Morgan Fairchild) revenge mission is going to be in full swing and the identity of her accomplice is going to be revealed. Jade is going to make a tough decision to leave town. The result of the ongoing investigation in Salem is not the only thing keeping DOOL fans excited. Ron Carlivati just came on board and he has been teasing scenes from the upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives.

Love Triangles

In a new tweet, Carlivati posted the script for Wednesday’s episode of Days of our Lives. From the script, it seems like Justin (Wally Kurth) and Adrienne’s (Judi Evans) relationship will be a source of conflict between Adrienne and Lucas. While having coffee, Adrienne and Justin will have a serious conversation where Justin will mention “you never forget your first love.”

Adrienne won’t disagree but she will reply that her relationship with Lucas is proof that it’s possible to love again. Adrienne will convey her gratitude to Justin and they will share a tender embrace. Justin will reassure Adrienne he will always be there. At this very moment, spoilers tease Lucas will walk in and cause a scene after seeing the two former lovers in each other’s arms.


Feeling enraged after seeing the scene is one major clue Lucas feels insecure about Adrienne and Justin’s relationship. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease this could mean the couple is not entirely solid, and their relationship might go through another round of challenges.

Guilty Conscience

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest Tripp (Lucas Adams) is going to feel uneasy about his new bond with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). Tripp thinks Kayla killed Ava, hence, the revenge plot. However, he seems to have developed a conscience and he is second-guessing his actions. With all the incidents involving her, Kayla is going to lose her confidence too. The stress could push her to commit major mistakes and Days of Our Lives spoilers tease she is going to experience a major blow.


Steve (Stephen Nichols) will feel someone is trying to frame Kayla. He knows Kayla is not the type of person to commit such mistakes. Steve will continue looking into the matter and Days of Our Lives spoilers hint he is going to be closer to the truth by next week. With Steve snooping around, Tripp is going to feel anxious since his role in framing Kayla could be revealed soon. Needless to say, it’s going to be a tough time for Steve and Kayla.

Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) who is one of the master schemers behind Kayla’s current predicament, will make a big decision. After finally realizing Joey (James Lastovic) wants nothing from her, she is going to leave town. Before she says goodbye, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease she is going to cause more trouble.


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