MSNBC’s Walsh: Ivanka’s G20 Dress Was Girly, Patriarchal, Authoritarian Society Symbol Of ‘Property’ Daughters

Ivanka Trump’s pink G20 dress with big bows on the sleeves has come under fire after President Donald Trump’s daughter received criticism for sitting in for Mr. Trump during the G20 summit. As seen in the below photos, Ivanka wore a pink dress that has been called a little too “girly” to be taken seriously in such a setting, at least according to MSNBC contributor Joan Walsh. The below video shows Walsh discussing the dress that Ivanka wore during the G20 summit on July 8, in Hamburg, Germany. The G20 group was not a setting for such a pink and girly dress that was reminiscent of the type of dress in which patriarchal societies would dress a beautiful woman like Ivanka, according to Walsh, to show off Ivanka’s beauty as property.

According to Mediaite, Walsh prefaced her comments about Ivanka’s pink dress by saying that she didn’t want to sound sexist against Ivanka, and she believes women can have girly days, but Walsh claimed that the G20 summit was not the proper setting for such an ornamental pink dress with bows on the sleeves. Walsh also knew that criticizing Ivanka’s pink G20 dress was making her wade into dangerous ground. Photos of Ivanka’s pink dress at the G20 summit can be seen in the following photo gallery.

In the following video, Joan encouraged Ivanka to show off her beauty, but she theorized that Ivanka was showing off her great value as Mr. Trump’s daughter and Ivanka’s place in the White House in a “frightening” manner by wearing such a girly pink dress.

Within the Getty Images gallery of photos of Ivanka’s pink G20 dress, there are also lots of close-up shots of Ivanka’s legs and the choice of high-heel sandals Ivanka wore that day. As Walsh commented about Ivanka’s pink dress, host Thomas Roberts asked Walsh if she wasn’t opening Pandora’s box by making statements about Ivanka’s G20 dress.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka and her pink G20 dress [Image by Patrik Stollarz/AP Images]

Walsh called Ivanka’s dress a pink dress that was not intended for work. Roberts challenged Joan, asking if a woman like Ivanka couldn’t be girly and business-minded at the same time. Walsh agreed that women like Ivanka could be both, but “taking your father’s seat in a pink dress with big bows on the sleeves is really an interesting message.”

A search for comments about Ivanka’s G20 dress on Twitter results in all sorts of criticism from people writing that Ivanka’s pink dress looked like an Easter dress to other commentary calling it a “flapper dress” more apropos for a nightclub instead of the G20 summit. Others are defending Ivanka’s pink G20 dress as pretty. What do you think about Ivanka’s G20 summit dress? Leave your comments below.

[Featured Image by Ukas Michael/Getty Images]