‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Christmas’ Time May Be Coming As She Starts To Rub Fellow Houseguests The Wrong Way

'Big Brother 19' Christmas Abbott promo shot

Big Brother is a game based on drama and chaos that comes with a group of strangers having too much time on their hands and focusing way too hard on every move of their housemates. This year on Big Brother 19 the houseguests have had more shenanigans than superfans can remember in recent history. There are constant drama and changes that happen so fast that you better not blink, or you are lost on what just happened.

The following will contain Big Brother 19 information posted on Joker’s Updates that may have an impact on the game. If you want to be surprised, you should stop reading now.

Several of the Big Brother 19 houseguests have been talking about Christmas lately. It seems that she is making the rounds with the gang and chiming in on things they simply find irritating. An example is Paul’s beard. He is proud of his facial hair and has stated that he has had it for four years. Christmas told him last night that he needs to stop brushing it. He explained that it is curly and won’t look right if it is unkempt. At the end of the conversation, Paul was irritated with his ally over her pushing her opinion on his personal grooming preferences.

Paul has explained to the other houseguests that the first couple of weeks in the Big Brother house, people are able to pretend to be nice and sweet but after they get comfortable, the real person comes out. He believes that is what is going on with Christmas. Kevin has chimed in saying her medication could be part of the problem. After all, drugs change people, and we know she is on some strong pain meds from her own statements.

When groups gather to strategize, Christmas’ name is coming up more and more as a potential problem in the game. Could she be alienating her allies with her comments? It hasn’t gone too far for her to get things back under control. Paul and Christmas have a great relationship. Big Brother fans may see the vet have a talk with her before too much damage is done to her social game to come back from.

Do you think Christmas is damaging her game in the long run? Would you like to see the Big Brother houseguests talk it out with her or let her continue to think she is a woman that commands respect? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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