‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Return Countdown – Kirsten Storms July ‘GH’ Return Date Revealed

General Hospital spoilers from this week’s soap magazines offer information on the return of Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). Kirsten was last seen on GH on February 16, 2017 with the hastily assembled plot of Maxie being fired by Nina (Michelle Stafford) for allowing Lulu (Emme Rylan) a sneak visit with Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) behind Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) back. That plot was written ASAP to construct an exit for Maxie after Kirsten surprised GH showrunners with the news that she needed a break. But now we know when she’ll be back. Find out Kirsten’s first episode return date as Maxie below (and it’s in less than two weeks)!

Kirsten’s absence ran longer than expected

When General Hospital news reported that Kirsten Storms was leaving GH, it was initially supposed to be a three-month leave of absence which is pretty significant. In fact, her break turned out to be closer to four months before all was said and done. The show was tight-lipped about why she was on break and Storms went on self-imposed social media silence for many of those months. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks before Kirsten’s set return that she began posting on Instagram and Twitter again.

Not only that but her ex-husband Brandon Barash seemed to be solo parenting while Kirsten was on leave. Barash posted daily photos of his outings with little Harper Rose Barash with no word on Kirsten’s whereabouts. Plus, when Brandon had to leave LA for a few days for concert dates with his band Port Chuck, he shared on Instagram that his mother, not Kirsten, was watching Harper and that he video chatted with his daughter every night.


Where was Kirsten all those months?

It was Kirsten herself that broke the news, after being gone for months, of why she left General Hospital. Kirsten shared that she suffers from severe depression as she hit back at a Twitter troll that accused her of using drugs and going to rehab.

Kirsten also replied to a critic on Instagram saying, “I try to keep my personal life private. However I recently mentioned on my Twitter that I suffer from SEVERE depression, If you or someone you know has dealt with it then you know it can be a difficult time in life. I’m doing much better of late and look forward to returning to work soon.”


It was Kirsten’s second break within a one year span as she took a few weeks off in 2016 when she was dealing with skin problems and GH hired Molly Burnett as a short-term recast. Kirsten was gone off social media from mid-February through early April and then came back tweeting a simple “What’s up?” that sent General Hospital fans into a happy tailspin.

When will Kirsten be seen on General Hospital?

Whatever Kirsten was doing on her GH hiatus seems to have worked. She looks healthy, happy, and has even put on a few pounds which she needed desperately. On June 15, Kirsten showed a photo of her trying on clothes for Maxie’s return. On June 16, Kirsten was on the GH set and shared a photo from her dressing room. Then on June 19, Kirsten shared a photo of herself in the GH hair and makeup room, and she was back on set working,

Kirsten was back on set and filming, according to General Hospital spoilers, on June 19 and fans know that the ABC soap tapes roughly a month ahead. That indicated a late July return. On June 29, to get fans revved up for the reunion of Maxie and Nathan (Ryan Paevey), GH had the two actors host a live chat with fans to answer questions. Both Storms and Paevey looked happy to be back together, and you could see Kirsten was glowing and looked healthy on camera once again.

Kirsten Storms first return episode date: July 25!

New General Hospital spoilers from this week’s soap magazines offer one critical spoiler that tells us when Maxie is back in Port Charles. As of this week, GH spoilers from Soaps She Knows promise Nathan continues to help out Amy (Risa Dorken Clark) with her Ask Man Landers project. In fact, Nathan has gotten so in touch with his inner love guru, that he even starts doling out advice himself. It seems that Nathan has become Man Landers.

On July 24, General Hospital spoilers promise that Nathan’s advice column about love hits close to home and he’s got Maxie on his mind. GH has scripted off-screen visits for Nathan to go to Portland to see Maxie as well as one-sided phone calls, but that all ends the next day. On Tuesday, July 25, GH spoilers say Nathan gets a big surprise. That’s the day Maxie comes back to Port Charles to surprise her handsome hubby, and GH fans get Kirsten Storms back on their TV screens.

Special Naxie promo coming?

With so much attention swirling around her return, General Hospital might even offer fans a Maxie and Nathan-centric special promo before her return, but we’ll have to wait and see on that. For now, though, Kirsten’s first air date back on GH is Tuesday, July 25. However, if there’s a national pre-emption for news, that date could shift. Will you be happy to see Maxie back in Nathan’s arms? How do you think she’ll react when she finds out about Nathan and Amy’s Man Landers partnership?

GH is heating up as summer hits its high point. General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, July 12 reveal that Sam rages at her father today as she continues her struggle with meningitis symptoms. There’s lots more hot GH spoilers for the rest of this week as well and don’t forget Drew Cheetwood is back soon as Magic Milo. Keep watching the ABC soap and check back for more General Hospital spoilers.

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