'The Winds Of Winter' To Face Another Delay As GRRM Travels Next Month, Other Authors To Help Finish The Book?

George R.R. Martin's busy schedule seems to take him away from hammering out his highly anticipated book The Winds of Winter. With the release date uncertain, other famous authors are rumored to be helping him in writing the highly-anticipated novel.

In his live journal last month, Martin noted that August would be packed with big events. Apparently, the famed author is set to travel next month for a series of events. With that, many are wondering how this will affect the progress of The Winds of Winter.

"But come August I'll be off again, first to NYC for a wedding and the usual round of publisher and agent meetings, then off to Finland for Worldcon then on to Russia for a con in St. Petersberg..."
Martin's hectic schedule next month strengthens speculations that a 2017 release date of The Winds of Winter is likely impossible. Despite highlighting in his blog that these two travels are the least that he had taken in two decades, fans are still not convinced that he can beat his target deadline this year.

Earlier reports revealed that Martin is currently busy with the upcoming release of the phenomenal HBO series Game of Thrones Season 7, adding that he is helping the scriptwriters on the planned spinoffs of the show. With his plate full, many assume that finishing The Winds of Winter will be quite challenging for the 68-year-old novelist.

Martin's hectic schedule also drew various speculations, particularly with the author getting assistance to finish the book. There were claims that Martin tapped other popular authors to help him speed up the process of his writing.

George RR Martin is reportedly going to be busy next month due to his travels. [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Neil Gaiman, the author of American Gods, was seen at Martin's New Mexico house. There were also speculations that Gaiman is Martin's editor. Another famed author, Thomas Burnett Swann, joined the rumor mill but quickly denied claims, adding that the idea is impossible.

So far, Martin and the authors being linked to him have yet to confirm the rumors.

George RR Martin is rumored to ask help from other authors to finish 'The Winds of Winter.' [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Despite the delay in the launch of The Winds of Winter, Martin has generous giveaways for his followers. The award-winning writer has been keen in sharing sample chapters and summaries of the forthcoming novel.

Martin also reiterated in the past that it is not his style to give fans constant updates, adding that he will only make an announcement once it is done.

Meanwhile, Martin recently announced in his live journal that he will be part of HBO's new project based on Nnedi Okorafor's novel Who Fears Death. Martin confirmed that he is going to be the project's Executive Producer.

Martin clarified that he would only be an Executive Producer and not the Executive Produce, i.e. the showrunner. He also pointed out that he will not be writing the pilot script or adapting the novel in any way.

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