Doomsday Phobia Grips Chinese Population

Doomsday phobia has a large section of the Chinese population in its grip, according to Softpedia.

A recent 3D screening of the 2009 action-adventure flick 2012 may have helped spread doomsday worries throughout the country. Shortly after the film debuted in China, people began worrying about the end of the world in earnest.

The fears and anxieties associated with Doomsday phobia have prompted a number of citizens in act out in peculiar ways. One man reportedly spent his life savings preparing for the end of the world. When he completely ran out of money, the guy’s wife took their daughter and left.

Convinced that the end of the world is right around the corner, two cousins embarked on a crime spree which resulted in no less than a dozen robberies. Authorities explained the individuals spent the money as soon as possible.

The Asia Times reports that the wife of university professor collected around 2 million yuan from family and friends in an effort to help poor children prepare for the end of the world.

“Since the world will soon come to an end and we’ll all be gone, what should we keep our property and money for?” she explained.

In a section of Inner Mongolia, a woman decided to toss all of her belongings out the window since material possession would be meaningless during the Mayan apocalypse. Another individual struck by Doomsday phobia began offering Noah’s ark-style vessels that can reportedly withstand floods, volcanoes, and nuclear radiation.

Of course, not everyone believes the world is going to end in just a few weeks. In order to spread the good word, the folks at NASA have put together a video that explains why the apocalypse is nothing more than a myth.

What do you think about Doomsday phobia? Are you worried the world is going to end later this month?