Jinger Duggar Does Want To Get Pregnant, Loves Shopping For Kids

Jinger Duggar hasn’t announced that she’s pregnant yet, and this has some fans wondering whether she’s been practicing some form of birth control. However, she recently revealed that she definitely wants to start a family.

As the Duggar Family Blog reports, Jinger went on a shopping spree during the July 10 episode of Counting On. She moved to Laredo, Texas last November when she became the wife of pastor Jeremy Vuolo, and the Arkansas native has discovered that shopping is a fun way to keep her homesickness at bay. However, she and Jeremy would be dead broke if she visited her favorite local shops every time she started missing her massive family. The shopaholic decided to buy a few gifts with a distinctive Laredo flair for everyone back in Arkansas, and she filled up two big boxes with her purchases. The gifts included two tiny pairs of cowboy boots for Jessa Duggar’s young sons, and looking at the footwear made Jinger think about the possibility of starting her own family someday.

“As I look at the little shoes, it’s like, ‘Oh, these are so cute!'” said the Counting On star.

“I’m thinking, well, whenever — if the Lord would bless us with kids, it would be amazing. Now I know where I can do my shopping.”


Members of the Free Jinger forum have been following the website’s namesake for many years, and some of the Duggar watchers there have recently started wondering whether Jinger Duggar is using some form of birth control. This is because no Duggar daughter has made it longer than six months into her marriage without making a pregnancy announcement, and Jinger has been married to Jeremy Vuolo for over eight months.

“Hopefully that’s by choice, and that she’s starting to question more and more of how she was raised,” one commenter recently wrote.

It would be a big deal if a Duggar daughter was using birth control because their parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, have spoken out strongly against it in the past. As Salon reports, the conservative Christians dislike oral contraceptives because they mistakenly believe that they can cause miscarriages. They also think that husbands and wives should leave the number of children they have “up to God,” implying that all other forms of birth control are also out.


Some Free Jinger members think that Jinger Duggar’s Counting On comment about wanting kids is proof that she’s doing nothing to prevent pregnancy.

“There’s been endless speculation about whether they are preventing pregnancy and to me this points to no,” wrote one commenter.

Another community member thinks that there may be a simple explanation for why Jinger didn’t follow Jill and Jessa by getting pregnant within the first six months of her marriage; her sisters were actively trying to conceive, but she is not.

“I think Jeremy and Jinger are actually doing what they said they would do which is not worrying about it and simply letting God make a decision. Duggars have not done that in the past. They look at their cycle and specifically try to get pregnant instead of just letting be what will be. That is taking control away from God imo and just as ‘sinful’ as prevention.”

Jinger Duggar possibly confirmed this theory when when People asked her about her pregnancy plans. The Counting On star said that she and Jeremy Vuolo are focused on enjoying their time together and are waiting to “see what the Lord does.”

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]