Is ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fake? Ami Brown’s Illness And Matt’s Accident Staged, Sources Claim

Alaskan Bush People is one of the most-followed reality-documentary series airing on Discovery Channel. While many fans believe that APB is not like other reality shows, a new report lays out proofs that the show is fake. Does this mean Ami Brown’s diagnosis and Matt’s accident are staged?

Alaskan Bush People follows the story of the Brown family who has lived their lives away from civilization. The family’s story is enough to capture the attention of a lot of viewers, which is why the Discovery Channel drama now has a lot of followers, especially following the recent events taking place with the members of the Brown family.

Per TV Overmind, there are several proofs to show that Alaskan Bush People is fake, much like other reality shows on TV. Some sources claim that the show was based on Billy’s novel entitled, One Wave at a Time. According to the report, when Billy moved to the Lower 48 in order to sell his novel, he came across some of the producers for Discovery Channel, and they decided to recreate the family’s lifestyle based on his book.

Further proof that Alaskan Bush People is staged is when Billy and Bam Bam were caught lying about their length of residence in Alaska. This strengthened speculations that the show is simply staged and the Brown family were not really living away from civilization unlike what was being portrayed on TV.

Should these aforementioned proofs be true, then this would mean that everything that was shown on Alaskan Bush People are all staged. This means that Ami Brown’s illness may not be true at all and fans’ worries over her condition may be unfounded. It can be recalled that prayers and well wishes for Ami came pouring in after Discovery Channel finally revealed her diagnosis.

The latest Alaskan Bush People episode also showed Matt suffer from an accident and further details of his accident are expected to be released in the next episode. Many fans are already getting anxious and impatient to see what happens to Ami, Matt, and the rest of the Brown family, as they move to the lower 48 in order to give Ami the care and support that she needs; however, many fans may find themselves disappointed if any of these prove that ABP is staged.

Do you think Alaskan Bush People is fake?

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