‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Raven Walton Has A Long-Term Eviction Plan, ‘BB19’ Alliance Shift Possible?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from late Tuesday (July 11) point to Raven Walton concocting a long-term eviction plan inside the house. Following the expected eviction of Cody Nickson on Thursday night (July 13), Raven has laid out an order for which she wants the next four houseguests to be removed from the BB19 cast. It’s an interesting piece of information from the CBS live feeds, but it also shows that Raven may be ready to step up from being a floater to a contributor in the house. Could she take a place among the top women to play this game?

Raven Walton wants to get out Jessica Graf, Ramses Soto, Jason Dent, and Josh Martinez (in that order). If that was successful, the BB19 cast would be down to just seven people remaining in the competition for the $500,000 prize. At that point, it would also mean that people were getting sent to the BB19 jury and that the Battle Back Competition had returned to the game. In order to get that plan jump-started, Raven needs someone from her side of the house to win the next Head of Household Competition.

These latest Big Brother 19 spoilers take into account a previous report by the Inquisitr, explaining how Week 2 will come to a close. Paul Abrahamian is in charge of the entire game right now, first winning the Week 2 HOH and then adding the Power of Veto to his current trophy case. Paul was able to control nearly every aspect of the game this week, including using Alex Ow and Josh Martinez as his pawns and then saving Josh to get Cody Nickson up on the block. Cody is now expected to get evicted in an 8-1-1 vote.

So what happens after Cody Nickson hears the bad news? The BB19 cast will begin playing a new Head of Household Competition with Paul Abrahamian sitting out. Jessica Graf will be in a must-win situation, where she will need to win the HOH in order to guarantee her safety in the house. If she doesn’t succeed, then she is a very likely candidate to go home at the Week 3 Eviction Ceremony. A chance has also presented itself for one of the floaters to make a big move, but it won’t be to go after Paul (yet).

Paul still has the Pendant of Protection in his possession, meaning he is safe from getting nominated or evicted in Week 3. That’s a huge deal, as he won’t be able to stay in the HOH room much longer. Someone new is taking the power, guaranteeing no repeat Head of Household so far this season. The other two showmances are pretty strong (Matt Clines/Raven Watson and Elena Davis/Mark Jansen), possibly giving them the power to control the house for the rest of the summer if they play the next two weeks correctly.

A number of previous Big Brother 19 spoilers surfaced about people wanting to work with Kevin Schlehuber and that has not changed in the first 20 days. In a fashion, Kevin continues to fly under the radar, but everyone seems to like him in the BB19 house, making him the target of nobody. Then there are Christmas Abbott and Alex Ow, two other houseguests who have strong social games, except when it comes to discussing the competition with Jessica Graf. They could go far if they can continue splitting up the couples.

There are a lot of similarities between the way the BB19 cast is shaping up and what took place during Big Brother 18. Toward the end of that season, Paul Abrahamian was dealing with the showmances of Nicole Franzel/Corey Brooks and James Huling/Natalie Negrotti when the summers started winding down. Could he be in the final five again with two other showmances? The houseguests outside of those five people will have to start paying close attention to the similarities or the next rounds of Big Brother 19 spoilers will reveal they reacted too late.

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