Couple Tried To Conceal Injuries Of 3-Year-Old Angelina Costello After Allegedly Killing Her

Miller Costello, 25, and Brenda Emile, 22, were arrested in the death of Angelina Costello, but the news is coming out now that the Utah couple actually used makeup to try to conceal the injuries on the 3-year-old girl after her death. KFOR shared the details about what allegedly happened to Angelina Costello and the arrests made in her death.

Miller and Brenda now face charges of aggravated murder for the death of their daughter. They were arrested on July 6 after a 911 call came in that the little girl Angelina Costello was unconscious and not breathing. When the police showed up, the little girl had already been dead for a while, and the couple had tried to conceal her injuries. It doesn’t sound like they called police as soon as she stopped breathing the way that the 911 call made it sound.

The probable cause statement explained it saying, “Officers on scene immediately recognized the child victim had bruising, contusions, lacerations, burns, open sores and abrasions all over her face, hands, legs, head, and neck.” This wasn’t all, though. Angelina Costello also had burns on her body. Reports shared that some of the injuries seemed to be new and others seemed like they were already healing. It appears that the abuse had been going on for a while.


Emile did actually admit to using makeup to cover up some of the injuries. They didn’t want them to look as bad when the police saw the body of their little girl. Of course, this didn’t keep the police from seeing the injuries and knowing what was going on. The police were also able to check out pictures of the little girl on the parents’ phones and could see how her health and been getting worse over time. Miller tried to say that he was told by Brenda that the child had injuries from other children or had fallen down.


It was also reported that there were some videos on the phones that showed them taunting Angelina Costello and also that they didn’t take the little girl to the hospital because they didn’t want her to be taken away. She was afraid this would happen, but instead, now Angelina Costello has lost her life.

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[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]