‘Morning Joe’ Joe Scarborough Tells Stephen Colbert He’s Exiting Republican Party

Just when those watching the back and forth between Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Donald Trump thought the squabble couldn’t get any stranger, Scarborough, the co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC and a former GOP House member, told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that he is leaving the Republican Party because they haven’t rebuked Donald Trump’s “bigoted” behavior. And Scarborough didn’t stop there because he then explained he could not be a Republican anymore, and he was changing his party affiliation to independent.

Joe Scarborough explained that there were too many things about Trump’s association with known racists and bigots like former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, who Trump said he knew nothing about. Then there is Steve Bannon who ran Trump’s campaign and is now one of his senior advisors. Bannon has been labeled an anti-Semite after using questionable language to refer to Jews with whom he disagrees. While working as an editor for Breitbart, Bannon called Bill Kristol, a Republican journalist, a “renegade Jew.” Ben Shapiro, also a one-time Breitbart editor, called Breitbart under Bannon “a movement shot through with racism and anti-Semitism.”

What has puzzled many people about Trump’s refusal to disavow David Duke, and about his continued professional relationship with Bannon, is the fact that several members of Trump’s immediate family are Jewish, including his daughter Ivanka, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and his daughter-in-law Lara Trump.

But on Tuesday night, when Joe Scarborough made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he explained that even though he has been a lifelong Republican, it is time for him to make the switch and become an independent.

Joe Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski speak onstage during the 'Morning Joe' panel in 2012.
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“I am a Republican but I’m not going to be a Republican anymore. I’ve got to become an Independent.”

Stephen Colbert asked why other Republicans haven’t made the move to distance themselves from a president that Scarborough says has bigoted behavior. Scarborough says it’s inexplicable, and he knew before the election that he could never vote for Trump after Trump spoke of his support for a Muslim travel ban.

“I said on the air, I said, ‘It’s very simple. It’s black and white.’ I said ‘I can never vote for anybody in my party that said they were going to ban people because of the god they worshiped.’… It was disturbing through the entire campaign.”

Joe Scarborough explains that he thinks that the members of the Republican Party need to ask themselves some difficult questions.

“What exactly is the Republican party willing to do? How far are they willing to go? How much of this country and our values are they willing to sell out?”

Scarborough believes enough is enough, and he wants to go on the record and say that he no longer wants to be affiliated with a party led by Trump.

But it is no coincidence that this public announcement came after the very public Twitter rant by President Trump attacking Scarborough and his fiancee and co-host on Morning Joe, Mike Brzezinski. The stream of accusations included the suggestion that Brzezinski had had a facelift and that the couple had approached the president to ask for help in keeping their affair a secret.

Mika Brzezinski arrives at the Ninth Annual Women of Worth Awards in New York.
FILE - In this Dec. 2, 2014, file photo, President Donald Trump has used a series of tweets to go after Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, who've criticized Trump on their MSNBC show "Morning Joe." (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)


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Scarborough said that there were just too many incidences of racist behavior that could no longer be ignored.

Are you surprised that Joe Scarborough made such a public announcement on The Late Show? Are you shocked that Scarborough is no longer a Republican?

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