‘Outdaughtered’ Gives An Update On Hazel’s Eyes, Walking, And More

Tonight on a new episode of Outdaughtered, the fans were waiting to hear an update on Hazel’s eyes. Right away, fans could see that Hazel is walking around and doing a great job moving just like the rest of her sisters. She was even jumping around at the trampoline park. At the start of the show, they talked about how Hazel had one eye surgery and has plans to possibly have another one. This has been rough on Adam and Danielle Busby.

They talked about how her left eye kind of droops down right now. Hazel has another follow-up coming up with the doctor. It was explained that she might need another surgery on her eyes. Danielle Busby said that all that she can do right now is try to stay positive. Danielle said that the last few months have taken an emotional toll on her. She is really dreading going to this appointment for Hazel, but they are going to have to do it. This didn’t happen this week on Outdaughtered, but they did give a bit of an update on how Hazel is doing.

Another thing that fans saw tonight is that Danielle is having a bit of trouble dealing with all of the girls on her own, but she is able to handle it. Adam is gone all day at work, and now that her mom has moved out, she is the only one there.

The fans of Outdaughtered know that Adam Busby gets really emotional when it comes to talking about Hazel’s eyes and her being behind the other girls. Adam was seen messing with Hazel, and he noticed that she doesn’t look right. He does feel like the eye surgery was a success, but she is still having issues as well. Adam seems to be noticing a few more issues than Danielle is when she is with her all day long. Adam is actually afraid that they need to start patching her eye. This follow-up is coming soon, so they should show it on an upcoming episode of Outdaughtered

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