Trump Organization Helicopter Allegedly Involved In Accident Last Month — Details Kept Secret

One of the Trump Organization helicopters was involved in an accident last month and the details were intentionally kept secret, according to latest rumors. The alleged crash happened upon landing on June 15 at the West Side Heliport, and as a result, the rotor was sheared clear off. Rumor has it that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were on board at the time of the incident, but there has not been any confirmation as to who was on board. Sources claim that the crash was kept secret so as not to embarrass President Trump.

While Donald Trump is in office, he is not allowed to fly on his own helicopters or planes for security reasons, and so the Trump Organization vehicles are used for the Trump family, friends, and employees of the Trump Organization. When Donald Trump first took office and was spending the bulk of his time in Washington, D.C., and Florida, there was a rumor circulating that Donald Trump Jr. was using the Trump jets and helicopters to transport President Trump’s favorite food from New York to the White House. Donald Trump is known as a picky eater and his taste in food leans towards what most people would consider fast food. One of Donald Trump’s favorite New York restaurants is San Pietro, and his favorite dish there is the sauteed chicken, which the owner is said to pack up for the president, and the buzz is that Donald Jr. transports it to his father when he travels to Washington.

A witness who saw the alleged incident involving the Trump Organization helicopter claimed that after the incident, helipad workers scrambled to cover up the word “Trump” on the side of the craft with tape as not to embarrass President Trump.

“This accident was the result of a bad landing. The helicopter’s tail rotor hit the fence and came off. It is not believed anyone was hurt. But the first concern was to tape up the helicopter so nobody could see it was Trump’s as it was lifted up and out by crane.”

The president must travel on Air Force One and Marine One, and when his children and family travel with him, they also travel on Air Force One and Marine One. But the Trump children can continue to use the Trump Organization planes and helicopters when they aren’t traveling with the president. Calls to the Trump Organization in reference to the reported crash were not returned, but the FAA did confirm that there was an accident and that they are investigating.

Many have called Trump’s fleet of aircraft “aging,” but Donald Trump says he prefers it that way. Trump’s Boeing 757 jet nicknamed “Trump Force One” is said to be well-appointed in a manner befitting The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. But four of the five aircraft that belong to Trump are more than 20 years old, with his youngest plane being a Cessna 750 which is 19 years old.

The New York Times claimed that most people with planes want anonymity, but Trump considers his aircraft a flying billboard and has his name painted on each of them. The president claims that appointing his aircraft with the finest details is an extension of his business.

“The plane is very much an extension of the Trump brand.”


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When asked why he doesn’t purchase newer planes, Trump says he prefers the older ones because they have “been tested” and have “been around.”

Are you surprised that an air accident with a Trump helicopter was kept secret?

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