Conor McGregor’s ‘F*** You’ Pinstripe Suit – Where Can Guys Buy One?

The Internet is going crazy over Conor McGregor’s suit. As seen in photos throughout this article, from afar, McGregor’s suit looks like an ordinary tailored pinstripe suit, cut in a custom manner to fit Conor’s bulging muscles. However, intrepid viewers who zoomed in on McGregor’s suit that he wore to an entertaining news conference at the Los Angeles Staples Center on Tuesday, July 11, noticed that Conor had a simple message – likely for Floyd Mayweather, Jr. – printed all over the suit. Instead of McGregor sporting pinstripes, his pinstripes were a repeated “F*** You” message up and down the suit. McGregor and Mayweather are scheduled to face each other in a long-awaited fight on August 26, when their boxing match is scheduled to occur in Las Vegas.

As reported by the Bleacher Report, Conor, the UFC lightweight champion, got the crowd riled up as he faced Floyd. McGregor even taunted Mayweather’s attire and the fact that Floyd was wearing a track suit. Conor made the crowd laugh as McGregor joked about Floyd not being able to afford a suit. Well, it was Conor’s suit that he chose to wear on Tuesday at the press conference that got all the buzz.

The Irishman even let the crowd know that the stripes on his pinstriped suit said, “F*** you.”

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Will The “F*** You” Suit Be Part Of McGregor’s Upcoming Line Of Suits?

The close-up photo of McGregor’s suit has gotten more than 26,000 likes and has been retweeted more than 17,000 times.

As reported by SB Nation, Conor let folks know that he has his own line of suits on the way to the market soon, but it’s not clear if the suit McGregor wore will be available for sale through that line. The publication recommends not wearing such a suit to work, in case one’s boss gets the idea that the message is for him or her. The world press tour of McGregor and Floyd was their first conference, and with the 49-0 Mayweather being the subject of Conor’s ribbing, Floyd did not appear happy to be the butt of jokes. Conor proclaimed he would knock Floyd out.

[Image by Harry How/Getty Images]

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