Jinger Duggar Sparks Gun Debate With Husband Jeremy On Instagram, Still Wears Pants, But No Tank Top

Jinger Duggar posts some of the most varied content from all the married Duggar girls. While her sisters Jill and Jessa post about their babies and lives at home, the 23-year-old Duggar, who still is not pregnant, likes to post much artsy pictures of her and her new husband on Instagram. However, the latest picture she posted is sparking some controversy among Jill & Jessa Counting On fans.

Ever since her wedding, honeymoon, and moving to Texas with Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger has shown that she is slowly breaking out of the strict rules that her family followed. For example, the Duggar girls are told to wear long skirts for modesty and femininity. Most of the younger pictures of Jinger show that she wears long skirts that falls below the knees.

She started wearing pants much more often this spring, often layering with T-shirts and coats to give a demure but, in her own way, adventurous look.

But this time, it wasn’t her pants that caused drama among the followers of Duggars’ reality TV show. Her pants were tighter than ever, hugging her every curve, but the fans’ attention went straight to the gun she was holding.

A few fans remarked how unfortunate it is that that the society Jinger and Jeremy live in supports people getting familiar with guns.

“I live where guns are banned and we do very well without them,” Jacky Walker Kovacs wrote in the comment section. “I understand the fear. But fear brings in more fear. It’s all energy and the energy of guns is not love.”

However, the majority of them did agree that the couple is doing a good thing by practicing their shooting abilities in a safe environment.

“I live where guns are allowed and I feel safer because there are guns around,” Katie Watts responded to Jacky Kovacs. “The bad guys will still gets guns, so we need them to protect ourselves from any idiot who decides to break in. Pepper spray or a random object versus a gun and a criminal doesn’t do much. And when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

Jinger and Jeremy, with their growing love for guns, are probably fitting right in Texas, where the right to bear arms is highly supported. In fact, Jessa, Jinger’s older sister, has been known to go to ranges herself, showing that she can protect herself against any unwanted attackers.

When the fans are not discussing about the need for guns in this world, they like to comment on how Jinger finally made pants a more regular part of her wardrobe.

“Thanks for finally wearing pants,” a fan called Daisy wrote. “Those skirts are ridiculous. Never forget the mom water-skiing in a skirt, freaking out over her knees. She is a grown up now, and a Vuolo!!!”

At first, the fans were shocked by Jinger wearing pants, but now, she has amassed supporters on Instagram. One follower noted how unfair it was that Jeremy can wear shorts that reveal his knees, but that she cannot.

Do you think Jinger will continue experimenting with her wardrobe? Do you think she will ever cross the line into tank tops? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]