Beauty Blogger With Stage 3 Brain Cancer Posts Video Of Tumor Removal To Youtube, Has Seizure On Camera

Courtney Elizabeth Warner, known as Courtelizz1, is a popular Youtube beauty blogger with over 136,000 subscribers. Two months ago, she shocked her viewers when she revealed that she had a tumor in her brain that has since progressed to stage 3 cancer. Courtney has undergone surgery to have the tumor removed and recently, posted a video of the process to her channel.

Courtney Warner underwent something called awake brain surgery, which means she was sedated but wide awake during the operation. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, surgeons opt to perform awake brain surgery on patients whose tumors don't have clear borders. It's also used on patients whose tumors are near areas that affect speech, hearing, and movement, according to Mayo Clinic.

For this reason, Courtney Warner was fully aware of when she started to have a seizure during her tumor removal. After the seizure, around the 7:48 mark, Courtney starts to cry and a doctor can be heard trying to console her. A caption added to the video revealed that Courtney started to cry because she felt the seizure had been her fault.

If you'd like to see Courtney's video of her brain tumor removal in full, you can check it out below.

Since Courtney opened up about her battle with cancer, her subscribers have shown her an outpouring of support. Her videos—even those not focused on her cancer battle—are filled with positive messages and well wishes.
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Courtney's latest video, "Cancer Sucks," posted one day ago, is an update on her progress. Fortunately, the surgeons were able to remove 95 percent of her tumor. Now, Courtney's taking chemotherapy pills and undergoing radiation treatments, which she admitted has been no walk in the park. In addition to making her feel sick, the radiation has caused the hair on the left side and center of her head to fall out as those areas are where the remainder of her tumors are located.

You can check out that video as well.

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