Al Gore Conceded To George Bush 12 Years Ago Today: Elects Himself Global Warming Guru

On December 13, 2000, after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of George W. Bush, Al Gore finally gave up his dream of becoming the 43rd President of the United States and conceded the election to the Governor of Texas. Gore’s concession speech ended weeks of confusion, during which the identity of the next President was kept in limbo awaiting the court’s decision on who would prevail in Florida.

Vice President Gore made his announcement from his ceremonial office next to the White House. He was joined by his wife, Tipper, and his running mate, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman.

Gore told the American people ”partisan rancor must now be put aside.”

“I accept the finality of the outcome, which will be ratified next Monday in the Electoral College. And tonight, for the sake of our unity as a people and the strength of our democracy, I offer my concession.”

Prior to making his concession speech the Vice President called President Elect Bush to offer him his heartfelt congratulations. Mr. Gore reflected on the last phone call he made to Governor Bush:

‘I promised that I wouldn’t call him back this time”

He was referring, of course, to election eve, when Gore called Bush to advise him about his upcoming concession speech, only to call back 30 minutes later and tell Mr. Bush he was going to wait for the Florida totals.

Just four days earlier, on December 9th, 2000, the learned Justices of the Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 to stay the recount, thus ending Gore’s hopes of winning the election. Gore won the national popular vote by 543, 895 votes, but he lost in the Electoral College with 271 votes for Bush and 266 for Gore.

Justice Scalia wrote the decision for the majority who ruled in favor of Bush:

“One of the principal issues in the appeal we have accepted is precisely whether the votes that have been ordered to be counted are, under a reasonable interpretation of Florida law, “legally cast vote[s]. The counting of votes that are of questionable legality does in my view threaten irreparable harm to petitioner Bush, and to the country, by casting a cloud upon what he claims to be the legitimacy of his election. Count first, and rule upon legality afterwards, is not a recipe for producing election results that have the public acceptance democratic stability requires.”

Although he lost his chance to become President, Gore still had ambitions for the future:

”I’ve seen America in this campaign and I like what I see. It’s worth fighting for—and that’s a fight I’ll never stop.”

While we will never know if Al Gore would have made a good President, he has become a leader for one of the most controversial movements of the 21st century. Gore is now a climate change guru, determined to prove that human beings are responsible for altering the climate of the earth and advocating radical policies that would impose massive taxes on every American’s energy use.

Mr. Gore has many supporters for his Green Energy programs, Cap and Trade legislation and environmental causes. He even won an Academy Award and a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Accepting the Peace Prize, Gore spoke about the danger he believes we all face from future disasters created by man’s abuse of the environment:


We face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is the most dangerous challenge we’ve ever faced, but it is also the greatest opportunity we have had to make changes.”

At the same time a great many people do not agree with Mr. Gore, accusing him junk science and scare tactics. Some have even alleged Gore is guilty of deliberate fraud for the purpose of self enrichment.

Leading the criticism of Gore on climate change is British Lord, Viscount Monckton. In his exclusive interview with The Inquisitr, he stated “Al Gore has made well north of $100 million” from his climate change activities.

Addressing the truth of Mr. Gore’s gloom and doom warnings about global warming, Viscount Monckton considers Gore to be living in a fantasy world:

“His (Gore’s) Climate Fantasy project, a failed scheme which is about to go through its third tired re-launch, tries to suggest that any and all extreme-weather events around the world are caused by man made global warming. The science is in, the truth is out, the models are off, green investments are down, Al Gore is through, the game is up and the scare is over.”

Al Gore almost became President and he almost convinced the world that man made devastating climate change from CO2 emissions will wipe out the human race. But as the saying goes, almost only counts in horseshoes.