Kardashian’s Ex Chyna Gives Back Engagement Ring, Cars, Gifts — Rob ‘Can’t Buy Me’

Rob Kardashian’s ex-fiancée Blac Chyna has returned the engagement ring he proposed to her with along with the luxury cars he gifted to her because she claims that “he can’t buy me.”

Can’t buy her love

Blac Chyna gave Rob Kardashian the diamond engagement ring back after he posted explicit nude photos of her on Instagram and accused her of cheating and drug use.

Kardashian also exposed the former stripper for having a secret plastic surgery after giving birth to their daughter Dream by posting a video of her being wheeled into the operating room.

Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, has since been granted a temporary restraining order against Rob on Monday.

The 29-year-old mother-of-two took things a step further and returned everything that her ex had ever gifted her.

Blac Chyna not only gave back the $325,000 engagement ring but also all of the other jewelry that Kardashian had bought for her in the past and a Ferarri that cost as much as $400,000 and a Lamborghini worth around $200,000.

During her interview on Good Morning America on Monday, the Rob & Chyna star said that she wanted nothing to do with her former fiance with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, sitting supportively by her side.

Blac Chyna returned engagement ring and cars to rob kardashian after revenge porn attack
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The reality star said that she was “not gonna let this man buy me” and “give me gifts” if it means he thinks he can “treat me” however he wants and “talk to me nasty.”

Rob Kardashian’s Instagram rant included him claiming that he had bought her all of these things and that she had been unfaithful with multiple other men in return.

The father-of-one accused his ex of cheating on his with “8 dudes in less than a month.”

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Devastated and afraid

Blac Chyna said that Rob’s “revenge porn” had left her “devastated” and she was afraid of what he could potentially do next.

She also said Rob’s posting revenge porn of her and talking about her surgeries “devastated” her, adding that this was a person that she had “trusted” and “confided” in.

The only response Chyna gave Rob’s posts was a Snapchat message that was quickly deleted that said that Kardashian had “beat [her] up and [acted like] it never [happened].”

Chyna’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, warned Rob that “cyber bullying your ex is harassment” and that “revenge porn is illegal” but there is no word on whether or not she will pursue a lawsuit against him for damages.

Blac Chyna returned engagement ring and cars to rob kardashian after revenge porn attack
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Bloom went on to say that Angela White a.k.a. Blac Chyna can choose to live her life however she sees fit and that Kardashian’s “attempts to shame and control are hereby rejected.”

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